January 28, 2023

Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy Inc.'s All-Inclusive TV Deal with Amazon Studios - Deadline

Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy Inc.’s All-Inclusive TV Deal with Amazon Studios – Deadline

Exclusive: Prolific genre creators Mike Flanagan And the Trevor Macy (The Haunting Of Hill House, Midnight Mass) signed an exclusive deal with the multi-year umbrella series Amazon Studios. Under the agreement, the duo will develop and produce projects through Intrepid photos which will be broadcast exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and regions around the world.

“Mike and Trevor excel at telling suspenseful, immersive stories that masterfully keep audiences hooked from start to finish,” said Vernon Sanders, Head of Worldwide Television at Amazon Studios. “We are excited to welcome them to Amazon Studios and look forward to our global customers experiencing their transforming creations.”

Flanagan and Macy, who have established themselves as powerhouses in horror storytelling over the past several years, are moving to Amazon Studios as their Intrepid banner closes an overall deal with Netflix. As that multi-year agreement drew to a close, the duo met with studios and screens, choosing to go with Amazon as their next TV home.

“Amazon is a studio we’ve always admired,” said Flanagan and Maisie. “Their commitment to being involved in groundbreaking series and content is true to the spirit of what we’ve created at Intrepid. We look forward to working with the entire Amazon team as we bring our brand of genre production to service and audiences around the world.”

Basil produced Haunting Hill House in 2018 and Bly Manor haunting In 2020, each created by Flanagan and produced in association with Paramount Television and Amblin Entertainment for Netflix. The original series, Flanagan, followed in 2021 Midnight Mass, which received three Critics Choice Award nominations and a WGA Award nomination. Recently, Basil was released Midnight Club, based on the works of Christopher Pike for Netflix. Comes in a limited series streamer Usher’s house falls (2023), based on the iconic works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Intrepid’s big screen projects include Dr. Sleep And the Gerald gameall based on a novel by Stephen King, as well Ouija: The Origin of EvilAnd the before I get upAnd the HushAnd the skylight—All written and directed by Flanagan and produced by Macy’s. Other credits include Intrepid Eli for Netflix and strangers for Universal. Include upcoming featured projects Traffic seasonWritten and directed by Flanagan. Intrepid’s feature production activities remain separate and independent of this transaction.