December 7, 2022

Microsoft’s Panos Panoi OMS delights and illuminates the balancing surface

Banos Panay, Chief Product Officer of Microsoft Corporation, unveils the new Surface Laptop 3 computer on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at the Microsoft Production Event in New York, USA. On Google’s Android operating system, it returned to the market that exited many years ago.

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Microsoft CEO Banos Banai fills two roles that are sometimes contradictory to the company.

On the one hand, he spoke frantically Microsoft Surface PCs since Microsoft first introduced its first tablet in 2012. But he too Responsibility For the Windows user experience. Even if Microsoft competes directly, he will have to convince PC makers to send and promote newer versions of Windows.

The dual role is fully visualized this week as Microsoft begins to deliver updates Windows 11Its first new operating system since 2015 Its launch at the same time Latest Surface computers.

“How much time do I now spend surfacing with OEMs,” Pane told CNBC.

He denied that Surface or Windows was more important to him than the others, but that Windows licenses still generate substantial revenue for Microsoft over Surface computers. Morgan Stanley estimates that Microsoft will generate $ 13.3 billion in Windows OEM revenue and $ 6.5 billion in surface revenue in fiscal 2021.

But Windows licensing partners have not always supported Microsoft stepping into their lawn with its own tablets and laptops. Acer CEO said Financial times When Microsoft first introduced its Surface tablet in 2012, “think twice. More.” Asus is said to have felt blind When the Panay Surface book was released – it was like a traditional laptop computer – in 2015.

Pane speaking at Microsoft events Recent Surface Computers, He is almost unnaturally interested and differently specific about the hardware components. Now, he said, he’s excited – he likes to use the word “pump” – about the diversity of options for consumers and companies, no matter who builds the hardware.

“OEMs offer customers a choice,” Banos said of Microsoft’s partners. “There is no choice just for the exam. What do you want to achieve? You can pick a device that suits you.”

‘Equal field’

In 2016, Microsoft announced a partnership With Lenovo, the world’s largest PC retailer, in an effort to prevent conflicts between Surface Business and Windows.

“We came up with a very simple approach … we call it an equilibrium,” said Christian Eigen, head of Lenovo’s Global Strategic Alliance, who has known Pane for 15 years. “From the point of view of an operating system, Microsoft does not offer any features on the surface alone.”

CEOs of Microsoft and Lenovo communicate four to six times a year, and groups within companies speak 12 to 24 times a year, Eisen explained.

Microsoft has improved its relationship with its partners in Windows 11.

“This is, of course, a very transparent and open and collaborative development,” Eisen said. He joined Lenovo, the world’s leading PC maker through Unit Shipments, in 2011 and was involved with Windows 8 in 2012 and Windows 10 in 2015.

Steven Sinofsky, who oversaw the release of Windows 7 and Windows 8, in 2018 pushed for a different approach to partner communication. He said in a blog post Any change in direction will make the company look bad and cause problems for partners and customers.

Steven Sinofsky, Chairman of the Windows Group at Microsoft Corporation, spoke at an event in New York, USA on Thursday, October 25, 2012.

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Banai has emphasized communication, including with outsiders. When he accepted the role of Windows last year, he began to meet staff like chipmakers AMD And Intel, As well as Lenovo, Samsung and other PC makers.

“My whole goal is, ‘Hey, what do your customers want?’ This is from the OEM brand perspective, ”said Bane. “Same surface. ‘What do surface customers need?’ In the end, they are all Windows clients. ” Surface Laptop Studio PC that went on sale this week.

Since Microsoft announced the details of Windows 11 in June, people have been discussing the minimum hardware requirements that the company emphasizes. Security chip.

Eagen said the barriers to improvement are not large.

“I hope Microsoft made the right decision, ‘Egan said.’ Look, we need to make progress in our operating system at some point. ‘Every year people buy new smartphones, but every six or seven years they get used to buying new PCs. The industry needs to perform better in promoting, he said.

A major release during the global chip shortage

Lenovo President and CEO Yang Yuansingh takes a selfie with Lenya at the National Convention Center on May 28, 2015 at the National Convention Center in China with Satya Nadella, CEO of the Center, Microsoft, and Brian Krsanich, then CEO of the left and then Intel. Lenovo unveiled a series of new products during the one-day event.

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Upgrade Windows 11 driver?

The big question is whether Windows 11 will do anything for PC sales, or whether the PC update cycle will often be affected by broader economic and social factors, regardless of what Microsoft does with its operating system.

Windows 11 includes a redesigned Start menu, better trackpad and touchscreen controls, buttons for organizing multiple programs on the screen, and access to Android apps. This may not be enough to get people out of Windows 10 computers.

“I don’t think they’re going to sell particularly well outside the gate.” Michael Cherry, a senior analyst at Microsoft Directions, spoke about the new Windows 11 PCs. Early adopters may buy them first, but due to chip shortages people will not suddenly have newer computers running Windows 10, Cherry said.

The PC market experienced a 13% year-on-year increase in unit exports by 2020 Very fast growth in a decadeAccording to estimates by market research firm ITC. Many computers that people bought last year can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Although many continue to work long distances, the buying frenzy does not last long. Although ITC forecasts 14% growth for 2021, exports are expected to rise by less than 2% in 2022.

But Banos argued that some surface features are now more mandatory for customers.

“Why do you put cameras and microphones on your surface? ‘I ask myself that question,” Banai said. “Can you imagine trying to ask that question today?” Now cameras and microphones help people meet with colleagues, classmates and family members through their computers.

The new look of Windows counts for something. Newer versions of Windows differentiate the way people spend their money, Burt said.

Eigen, based at Lenovo, said it hopes to speed up the rotation of people replacing Windows 11 PCs. Because PC is easy to use with Windows 11, young people may want to graduate from owning smartphones, while older people may want to upgrade, he said.

Bane’s hope. He said Windows 10 would become more popular than Windows 10, surpassing the 1.3 billion monthly active devices. He did not say when that would happen. Support for Windows 10 expires in October 2025.

“We need to see what customers think,” Banai said. “We’re so excited to hear that.”

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