December 7, 2022

Microsoft replaces controversial .NET change after open source social protest

Microsoft is reversing its decision to remove a key feature from its open .NET 6 release Microsoft angered the .NET open source community earlier this week With the removal of a key part of the Hot Reload in the upcoming release of .NET 6, developers will be able to modify the source code and see immediate results when an app is running.

In Visual Studio Code and many other platforms, this is a feature that many have been waiting for until Microsoft makes a controversial last-minute decision to lock down Visual Studio 2022, a limited-payment product for Windows. Microsoft sources speak anonymously, Said On the edge The last-minute change was made by Julia Lucen, head of Microsoft’s developer division, which is a business-centric move.

Microsoft has now undergone a setback following a setback and anger within the company from Microsoft’s own employees. “We made a mistake in implementing our decision and it took longer than expected for the community to respond.” Scott Hunter explainsProject Managing Director for .NET. Microsoft has now approved the community’s request to reactivate this feature. It will be available in the final version of the NET 6 SDK.

We were asked to comment on Microsoft ordering an administrator change, but the company did not want to discuss the controversial decision. “We have taken steps to address the issue that some of our OSS community members have experienced,” a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement. On the edge. “Hot reload capability will be available on November 8. Net 6 will be in STK’s generally available configuration.”

Microsoft Blog Post Not talking about this controversial decision. Instead, it suggests that deleting the code instead of disabling it is wrong and not a business decision. “In our quest for purpose, we inadvertently deleted the source code without calling it that coding path,” Hunter says.

Hot Reload allows developers to see code changes instantly when applications are running.

While the reversal for the NET community is a welcome one, the interpretation and circumstances surrounding the event are not easy for those who value transparency surrounding such decisions.

“Like many companies, we learn to balance the needs of the OSS community and as a corporate supporter of .NET,” says Hunter. “Sometimes we don’t get it right. When we don’t, we can only learn from our mistakes and make better progress.”

This event came later Several weeks of unrest in the .NET community as Microsoft gets involved in the .NET Foundation. Microsoft in 2014. This foundation was created when .NET created Open Source, and it is an independent organization that aims to improve open source software development and collaboration for .NET. The resigning committee member recently. The role of the NET Foundation was questioned, “Are you here to implement Microsoft’s desire to open source NET, or are you here to grow and promote a healthy community?”

The latest controversy has led to Claire Novotny, managing director of the .NET Foundation Recently resigned And others Questioning freedom Special offers from the .NET Foundation Microsoft. Microsoft has certainly damaged some of the open source jobs that have been built over the last 10 years by this U-turn, and the company still has a lot of work to do to improve the relationship with the .NET community and the issues surrounding its influence. NET Foundation.