August 15, 2022

Miami's big goals for wide reception 2023 remain on the board

Miami’s big goals for wide reception 2023 remain on the board

Gulliver Prep Wide Receiver Loss Jalen Brown to me LSU Miami is forced to consider other options for separation. Fortunately for Canes, the 2023 class is full of depth and many influential players remain. Let’s look at some of the remaining broad-based goals for 2023:

Heike Williams Still non-committal and with Brown momentarily out of the picture, the full press is on for the country’s wide #3 receiver. Williams was Broward County’s top athlete in 2021 after winning the state championship in basketball and capturing more than 700 all-purpose yards and seven touchdowns as well.

Williams is widely considered one of the best pure athletes in this class, having a 6’4″+ tire with a legitimate 4.4 speed. Alabama, Pittsburgh and Texas A&M have made him a hub to add to their classes.

Andy Jane It was one of the first commitments of coach Mario Cristobal but the departure of the wide reception coach Brian McClendon It eventually led to Jean losing the class. Gene is a multi-year producer on a historic pipeline for Miami in Northwest, Florida and he took an extra step forward in 2021 with 733 yards and eight touchdowns.

Florida, Georgia and Texas A&M appear to be Miami’s most important competition in this recruitment battle. Jean will announce tomorrow the top five. Miami has to be a lock to make the list.

William Fowles It has become a popular name for Miami over the past few months. He dominated all the competition when he was young, collecting an unprecedented 19 touchdowns over 1,000 yards in just 10 games.

It fits a wide receiver molding that will provide a tire that was not yet in this class while still accumulating velocity. Nathaniel Joseph And the Robbie Washington provide. Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Miami were in his top six in early June.

Gurion Dicky He remained steadfast in his commitment to Oregon Since early May but his seven vs seven experience with Miami Immortals and high relationship with Jaden Rashadeh And the Washington twins could be a significant factor in his recruitment.

Dickey was arguably the best wide receiver at OT7 in Las Vegas this June, and arguably was Racha’s favorite target. Familiarity with his fellow Immortals, and Cristobal’s success on the West Coast, could make things interesting.

chamenade madonna (Hollywood, Florida) is home to potentially five Americans and you should be more focused on Miami moving forward. One of the major prospects of the program in this category is Edwin Joseph.

Analog to Jeremiah Smith Last year, at 6 feet 1 inches and 180 pounds he had elite ball skills. He is an athlete who can seamlessly transition to a corner kick. His positional versatility makes him a 2-on-1 player who can provide instant depth on both sides of the ball. A big big season that could put him on Miami’s radar.