January 30, 2023

Mets' Chris Bassett Blows Up MLB, Says "Bad" Baseballs Lead to Hitter;  Cardinals pitcher does not agree

Mets’ Chris Bassett Blows Up MLB, Says “Bad” Baseballs Lead to Hitter; Cardinals pitcher does not agree

So far, 2022 New York Mets The season saw a lot of victories and a lot of hits on the court. The Mets have the best baseball record of 14-5, and their players have been hit 18 times by the fields. No other team has sunk more than 11 times.

Tuesday night against St. Louis Cardinals (New York 3, STL 0), three other Mets players were injured, including Alonso’s house Click near the head. The Mets shooters hit two hits as well, and it’s important to note that none of the five hits were intended. Two came on sliders, one on a change, one with bases loaded, and the other a kind of grazing hitter.

“It’s one of those things, intentional or not, that should stop,” Starling Martwho hit bases loaded tuesday, Mike Puma said from New York Post. “We’re tired of it and we’re going to have to do something about it if it keeps happening because it’s inconvenient every time you go in there to get hit.”

mets writer Chris Bassett, who beat himself up on Tuesday night, took another step forward. The MLB has been criticized for the current baseball game, which he says is very inconsistent. from puma:

“MLB has a very big problem with baseballs – they’re bad,” Bassett said after his team’s 3-0 win over the Cardinal. “Everyone knows it. Every bowler in the league knows it. MLB doesn’t care about it. They don’t care. We tell them our problems with them, they don’t care.”

Bassett said there is a lot of inconsistency between the baseballs used this season, and the problem is exacerbated in different climates.

“There is no common ground with the balls,” he said. “Nothing is the same, a picnic for a picnic.”

Cardinals righty Miles Micholaswho struck a blow during his game against the Mets on Monday night, responded to Bassett’s comments Wednesday morning, We say Jeff Jones from Belleville News – Democrat: “This is not the ball’s fault. Take some responsibility for your actions.”

It’s averaging 0.42 teams hitting pitches per game early this season, and the rate has been in the 0.40-0.46 range every year since 2017. It’s been in the 0.30-0.39 range for the past two decades, and the most recent rise in the past few years appears to be It has to do with teams that increasingly rely on and control Bullpens and tear up painkillers like nothing else.

Baseball itself has of course been a hot topic for the past few years. It’s inconsistent from year to year and sometimes the MLB changes the ball on purpose, like when the league suspended the ball last season (Then use another, more lively ball without telling anyone). in 2019, The year of the race at homeBowlers often said that the ball was too hard and too smooth, like a main ball in billiards.

There is also the issue of foreign essence. The MLB cracked down on foreign material last year and players (both bowlers and hitters) stress that they need the grip, or more hitters are going to be hitting the courts. It wasn’t (pitch shots rose even as sticky stuff became common) but players stick to it.

“It happened to us like hitters, but you can talk to our bowlers and they’ll tell you there’s something with the balls,” James McCann, a Mets hunter, told Puma. “Referees check them and can’t use objects to catch the ball.”

Former Marlins boss David Samson discussed Bassett’s comments Wednesday about “nothing personal” with David Samson. Listen below:

MLB is trying to develop a vulgar baseball, similar to the ball used in Japan, as well as vulgar rosin. Prototypes were tested in the fall league in Arizona and in spring practice. It’s unknown how close MLB could have approved a baseball game and when it might arrive in regular season games.

The Mets are understandably frustrated – who likes to hit the court? – Although they are out at first. No other team has come close to being hit as often, and the league-wide batting average by pitch is perfectly in line with the past few years. Baseball can be a problem, but the Mets’ injury to so many stadiums is not proof of that Pittsburgh Pirates Hitting the ball from zero (!) so far this year is not proof that the ball is as good as it is.