November 29, 2022

Merkel of Germany handed over the office of Chancellor to Scholes

According to photographer Herlinde Koelbl, the end of Angela Merkel’s term as president of Germany was not just the end of a political era – it was the end of one of the longest running art projects in world politics.

Since 1991, Ms. Almost every year Koelbl Ms. He meets Merkel and takes two portraits for the project “Traces of Power”, which aims to understand how politics changes the appearance and character of people.

“She was embarrassed and a little disgusted when I first photographed her,” recalled 82-year-old Ms Goyalp in a recent phone interview. “She told me, ‘I’m not used to taking photos all the time. I do not know what to do with my hands and arms.

The photographer initially selected 15 politicians for the project, including established names such as Gerhard Schrder, President of Germany in 1998. A former scientist, Ms. Merkel immediately stood alone.

For their early photos, Mrs. Merkel did not wear any makeup and did not notice what she was wearing. Fashion “doesn’t matter to her,” Ms. Koelbl said. “For her, what matters is what she does: work.”

Mrs. As Merkel gained confidence as a politician, she began to relax in front of the camera, Ms Goyalp said. In 1998, he first posed with his hands in the form of a diamond – which would become a trademark.

debt…Herlinde Koelbl

Ms. said she thought there was a simple reason behind her use of diamonds. Koelbl said: Pushing her thumbs together forcibly lifted her shoulders and she looked engrossed. “If you have to stand for hours and listen to speeches, you will be very attentive, even when you are not,” Ms Goyalp said.

During the first eight years of the project, Ms. Koelbl, Ms. Merkel was interviewed at length and asked questions about his political aspirations and others that seemed most relevant to his treatment sessions.

In 1993, he asked Ms Merkel how she had coped when she felt rejected, and if there were any childhood circumstances in which she felt powerless. (Ms. Merkel, referring to the day her parents found out about building the Berlin Wall, cried when her mother said, “I wanted to help them, I wanted to make them happy again, but I could not.”)

Ms Goyalb stopped “traces of power” in 1999, but after Ms Merkel became president in 2005, she decided to return to photographing him. Mrs. Merkel no longer had time for interviews, but agreed to take photos once a year until she left office, and the pictures were all published in a book this year.

debt…Roderick Eisinger for The New York Times

Latest Photos Ms. Merkel is shown as a well-known politician today: wearing pants and blazers and looking quiet in the lens. But over the years, the leader’s appearance has changed.

“Initially, she had very lively eyes, but now she’s looking at you, but the vibrancy is gone. The glow in her eyes has disappeared.”

Mrs. Koelbl stressed that this change does not mean that becoming president is a bad thing. “I think this is part of the tribute you have to pay if you get this job,” he said.