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Love trance and love being by the beach? Well then, Menno De Jong has the perfect fix for you. Following his annual ritual, he brings back his signature “Menno Solo” open to close event concept back to the Beachclub Fuel in the Netherlands on Saturday, August 18th, for a day of blissful beats with a sublime sunset in the backdrop.

The beauty of his open to close solo sets are, it gives enough time to read the crowd and progress with the music. The set takes you through a journey. And in todays day and time where sets are usually restricted to an hour or two at most events, it is refreshing to finally see an artist take things the old school way and play from start to end. The flow of these sets are absolutely beautiful.

There is much in store for this edition as the latest Menno de Jong single ‘Ananda’ drops to great acclaim and a new In Trance We Trust mix album is rumoured to be in the making. Plenty of fuel for the journey this summer, with a smooth blend of sunshine proof Progressive, Psy and Classics to seal the deal.

In terms of stage design, visuals and lasers this edition is ready to take it to the next level yet again.

A “Menno Solo” event is one that every trance fan must have on their bucket list. Do go and be a part of it as it is not just a gig but an experience.

Do not miss out and grab your tickets before they sell out:

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