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Menno De Jong – Ananda

Menno de Jong has been regularly meditating and performing yoga, The inspiration can be seen in his brand new tune “Ananda” (आनंदा) which means extreme happiness & is also the name of the first cousin of Gautama Buddha and one of his ten principal disciples. Now Menno being one of the best producers in the trance scene and with the description of the name above, one simply cannot miss out on experiencing this tune.

The track starts with those clubby kick drums while the synth line slowly grows on you in the background, there comes a speech calling your heartbeat. It stays energised with the running bass line and with sharp atmospheric pads, the point over the brilliant euphoric leads taken post breakdown will get those hands up in the air reaching the point of irresistible emotions expressed & we turn around finding Everybody Together.

A track that is absolutely stupendous and had us all floored. Just as Menno signs of with a “Namaste”, all we’d like to tell him is “धन्यवाद” (thank you) for this brilliant track!


Get your copy of the track here

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