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To celebrate 500 episodes, Mark has painstakingly selected and mixed a sonic portrait of his last 10 radio years. ‘Outburst 500’ may yet even prove to be the new definitive of what tougher techno x trance means. Whether you’re a decade and a half deep or arriving fresh-faced on tech-trance’s doorstep, what you’re looking at right here is requisite. Order your copy of Mark Sherry Presents Outburst 500 here

Hello Mark it is good to have you back. Firstly the Trance Hub would like to congratulate you on completing 500 episodes of your weekly radioshow Outburst Radio? Can you describe how emotional this journey from episode 1 to episode to 500 been?

Thanks for the new interviews guys, appreciated! I put my heart & soul into everything I do, so it’s really great to reach such an important milestone with the radio show and my career. It’s a lot of work every week but I think it’s worth it. I mix it all in one take on my Pioneer CDJ’s at home instead of using something like Ableton – it keeps things a bit more interesting but more importantly I consider this as being my weekly practice on the decks haha.

Staying with 500 episodes, how difficult it is to curate a weekly radio show? Our readers would love to know how mentally taxing it can be to create something new week in week out?

As I’ve just said it’s a lot of work but I really enjoy doing it. It keeps me up to date with the trance, tech-trance, psy and techno that I play on the show each week etc. I get a buzz out of doing it, even when I’m jetlagged and dying after a busy weekend of touring – it keeps me sane haha

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It must be quite a daunting task to create a tech-trance track, as you are using sounds from two different genres. Can you share any inside knowledge for our readers as to which synths you use & things one should keep in mind while producing a new track?

I suppose I’ve been doing it so long now that it doesn’t actually feel like I’m mashing up 2 styles together anymore, it’s just ‘tech-trance’ to me, so I can do it with my eyes closed (but ears open lol). I would say that Sylenth, Spire, Massive, Nexus, Serum and Hive are my go-to synths just now. I hammer all of these whether it’s synths, pads, pucks, stabs or basses. One thing to always keep in mind is that your track is always being made for the dancefloor, so try and imagine the crowd standing in front of you and try and picture how they would react to the elements (breakdown and drops etc) that you’re effectively creating for them,

Your PsyBurst remix of “Follow Me” last year got an amazing response from the fans. What inspired this & can we expect a few more PsyBurst remixes in 2017?

Yeah it really blew up for me, it was crazy haha. It’s definitely the biggest thing I’ve done since my Max Graham ‘The Evil ID’ remix in 2014. I’ve actually done a ‘Psyburst’ remix of Oasis ‘Crying Your Heart Out’ that I made especially for my #ASOT800 set (you can hear this set on Soundcloud) but this is going to be purely for my DJ sets this year, it won’t be released officially of course – I can’t see Liam and Noel approving it somehow haha. I’m also planning to do a follow up to ‘Follow Me’ in the summer time that will be in my ‘Psyburst’ style.

In 2016, you had quite a few B2b sets with Alex Di Stefano. Which was your personal favourite out of the several B2b’s?

The Gatecrasher ‘Laser Unity’ set in Sheffield was absolutely nuts, we loved that one! We’ll only be doing some of special ‘B2B’ sets on special/exclusive occasions though.

Staying with Mr.Stefano. What trait of Alex Di Stefano made you push for collaborations & B2b sets with him. Also what are his strengths as a producer?

We have very similar musical tastes. We love percussive and tribal grooves, big soaring/emotional trance melodies and crazy techy drops, so it’s a real ‘no-brainer’ for us to want to work with each other whenever we can.

You have been the pioneer of the Tech-Trance genre. But who according to you is the future torch bearer of this genre & why?

I can’t name 1 in particular to be honest, but you can easily the ‘Outburst residents’ on the label that are all completely smashing out the bangers on a regular basis. I don’t want to show any favouritism haha.

There is a huge noise about trance coming back to mainstage and trance artists flooding the lineups of major festivals. What according to you has changed and has prompted promoters to make such bookings?

The EDM bubble has burst, so a lot of the guys that left the genre a few years ago are now flooding back to the ‘trance’ scene. 75% of us have never left trance though, so it’s quite amusing to see just how many people are trying to come back without anyone noticing. The promoters are all jumping on this but I think it’s a good thing. The stronger the scene gets the better it is for us all, I’d say. I don’t think about it too much to be honest, it’s business as usual at Sherry/Outburst HQ..but I think it’s going to be a huge year for trance! J

Mark Sherry will also be doing a few Outburst 500 events in USA, Canada and UK, the dates are below

13th April – #Outburst500 (Toronto, CA)

15th April – #Outburst500 (Vancouver, CA)

21st April – #Outburst500 (NYC, US – OTC set)

29th April – #Outburst500 (San Diego, US – OTC set)

13th May – #Outburst500 (Liverpool, UK)

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