December 8, 2022

McConnell and McCarthy’s Jan. 6 Fury at Trump faded by February

During the same January 10 conversation, he asked Mr. When asked to call on Trump to resign, Mr. McCarthy told other GOP leaders that, as he did on Twitter and Facebook, the big tech companies wanted to remove the social media accounts of some Republican lawmakers. Mr. With Trump. Members like Lauren Bobert from Colorado have done a lot to provoke paranoia about the 2020 election and have posted hurtful comments online about the Capitol attack.

“We can not tolerate that,” he said. McCarthy said, “Can’t they take their Twitter accounts too?”

Mr. Mr McCarthy said he “never said certain members should be removed from Twitter”. Bedner said.

Other Republican leaders in the House said the president’s behavior deserved a speedy sentencing. Agreed with McCarthy. Louisiana’s Rep. Steve Scholis, the second-ranked House Republican, said in a call that it was time for the GOP to think about “post-Trump Republicans,” while Minnesota’s Rep. Tom Emmer, chairman of the party’s House campaign committee, said Mr. Suggested Trump be censored.

Nonetheless, none of the men in those private conversations followed their hard talk.

In the days that followed, Mr. McCarthy, from some Republican lawmakers, said Mr. Advised against confronting Trump. In a group conversation, Ohio Representative Bill Johnson, Mr. In response to criticism of Trump, he warned Conservative voters to “go political” and demanded that Republicans train their condemnation of Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

“I can tell you that is something we deal with on our basis,” he said. Johnson said.

Jan. On the 13th, when only 10 House Republicans joined Democrats in support of Mr Trump’s ouster, Mr. The message to McCarthy was clear.

At the end of the month, he met with Mr. She continued a good relationship with Trump, met him in Mar-a-Lago and posed for a photo. (“I did not know they were going to be filmed,” Mr McCarthy said, apologizing slightly to a frustrated legislator.)