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On Saturday the 21 st of May a unique event will take place in club Sasazu as Markus Schulz will be showcasing his “Open To Close” concept in Prague.

The event starts at 22:00hr and will end around 5:00hr (or maybe even a bit later)! Throughout the whole night only the legend Markus Schulz will be on the decks and he will present himself in three different phases. First off as a warm-up DJ, then he’ll take on the headlining spot as he would normally do as the star of the night and in the third phase he’ll transform into an after hour DJ, who will wrap up the night in unicorn slayer – style. It’s definitely going to be one of those nights for the books to remember!

Important info:
Doors will open at 21:30hr.
Last available pre-sale tickets:
VIP tickets are sold out.
The club does not accept credit cards.

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