November 29, 2022

Mark the OnePlus 9 as $ 649

OnePlus’ latest flagship phones have been marked by several retailers, Discovered by Android Police, Bringing Normally 29 729 OnePlus 9 drops to $ 649 And this OnePlus 9 Pro (usually 69 1069) to 69 969. For most people we think the more basic 9 is already a better purchase than the 9 Pro, and the extra $ 80 from the retail price makes it an even sweeter deal.

OnePlus 9 leaves out some surprising features Compared to its more expensive sibling – you still get the Snapdragon 888 processor, display with 120Hz refresh rate and the best 50 megapixel ultravide camera. You need to make a non-slip main camera, plastic and slower wireless charging than the aluminum frame. Considering that you save more than $ 300 from the price of the premium model, these downgrades feel like things most of us can live with.

You should be wary if you are ready to add OnePlus 9 to your virtual cart: while it is fully compatible with Verizon and D-Mobile 4G and 5G networks, it is only 4G on AT&T. It’s not a big deal now (actually, it’s you Good to stick with its 4G At this time). However, AT&T’s 5G network is expected to be upgraded over the next two years when the company launches Uses its new C-band frequencies, Which supports 9 and 9 Pro.