December 6, 2022

Maps: Where the hurricane hit, destroying buildings and homes

More than 80 people were killed by the hurricane in at least six states on Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Where tornadoes are reported

Source: National Weather Service

The New York Times

Mayfield, Ky., One of the worst-affected areas, was torn apart by a hurricane at a candle factory southwest of the city, tearing down the county court clock tower and causing extensive damage. About 40 people have been rescued from the candle factory, but Kentucky Governor Andy Bessier said he believes “dozens” have been killed there.

The hurricane spread widely

Damage to city buildings and

Houses in the surrounding area.

Highlighted areas Show where

Several buildings were found

Damaged or destroyed.

There were more than 100

There was a candle inside the factory

When equalized by the hurricane

The storm passed.


Hurricane Path

The hurricane spread widely

Damage to city buildings and

Houses in the surrounding area.

Highlighted areas

Show where many

Buildings were found

To be damaged or


More than 100

Were inside a candle

Grounded factory

By hurricane

The storm passed.


Hurricane Path

Widespread damage

City buildings

Highlights Show


There were buildings

Severely damaged.

Candle factory

Equated by



Hurricane Path

Source: Satellite Images by Bing and Maxar Technologies

Damage estimates are based on available aerial images and are not comprehensive.

The New York Times

There were six confirmed deaths in Edwardsville, Ill, when the roof of the Amazon warehouse collapsed. Bowling Green, Ky. In, a hurricane reached speeds of up to 150 miles per hour and caused severe damage to homes and businesses. Authorities in Arkansas say at least two people have been killed in the state. A 94-year-old man died at a nursing home in Monette, Arc, and another was killed at the Dollar General Store in nearby Leechville.

Buildings in Ky, Mayfield were damaged and destroyed.

The hurricane is part of the weather system that devastated many parts of the country and struck Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. In Kentucky, a hurricane made landfall over 200 miles.

The animation below shows the movement of the storm system and is based on satellite imagery and radar data. Yellow tracks are estimates of hurricane paths, and white areas show rainfall from the storm system.

Source: National Maritime and Atmospheric Administration

The New York Times

As of 9 a.m. Saturday, 200,000 customers were without electricity, according to compiled reports.

Resistance from Saturday morning

Circles are measured by the number of customers without electricity.


Data as of 9 a.m. Eastern time.

The New York Times

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