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Amidst all the confusion around Luminosity Beach Festival, we have clear indication from the organisers that Luminosity Beach Festival will happen as planned. According to the news in Techno Moves, two clubs in Bloemendaal, Netherlands had to shut due to riots.Thousands of tickets were oversold, thousand more than the police allowed the club to sell. One of the clubs in contention is Beachclub Fuel, where Luminosity Beach Festival is supposed to take place on 22 – 25 June.

There was a lot of confusion amidst LBF attendees if this decision affects the festival. However, we heard from the owner Bo Van Eck, that all is well with Luminosity Beach Festival and the show will go on.

Luminosity Beach Festival 2017 is one of the biggest Trance events of the year and is verge of selling out. You can still  buy your tickets at Don’t miss out on this opportunity, lets celebrate this festivals 10th anniversary in style, nothing can stop us!

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