December 10, 2022

Luca Tanzik says ‘no doubt’ will sign the extension with Dallas Mavericks

Early Tuesday morning, members of the Dallas Mavericks met with the Star Guard Luca Tansic To officially put the pen on paper regarding a five-year, $ 207 million contract extension at a Slovenian hotel. Several hours later they were on a platform to announce it, signing it was “never in doubt,” Danzig said.

“This is a special moment here. Thanks to Dallas for giving me this,” he said. “I do not know what to say because I never imagined this would happen. I dreamed I would only play in the NBA, but now I can sign an extension with Dallas Mavericks for another five years. One doubt. I always wanted to sign on.”

Along with Danzig on stage were his agents, Bill Duffy and Quick Villalopos, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, general manager Nico Harrison and coach Jason Kid. Cuban expressed his views in Slovenian as Doncik laughed.

“This is a big day,” Cuban said. “When we created Luke in 2018, we had an idea that he was good. But we never imagined he was so good. It was the culmination of a lot of hard work on his part. He did not come out, for the rest of his life.

“To announce that he has signed an extension with the Dallas Mavericks, we would like to copy him – do not copy, but no more than the same type of Hall of Fame industry truck [Nowitzki]Who is sitting in the front row here. “

Emerging as one of the brightest stars of the NBA, the 22-year-old guard rose rapidly to the pinnacle of the league. His contract is a milestone deal as the biggest rookie extension in history because he has twice won the All-NBA.

During the 30-minute press conference, Danzik Sloven answered questions in English and Spanish. Danzig’s answers were translated by a translator. When asked by a Slovenian media member what his money would start to cost, Doncik laughed.

“Yeah this is a huge amount, but I haven’t thought about it yet,” Danzik said through the interpreter. “I haven’t bought anything valuable from it yet. But I have to implement it before I can start spending.”

Waited until the end of the Olympics, where Danzi took his country to the bronze medal game, and a Maws team traveled to Ljubljana, Slovenia to offer a contract opportunity.

To confirm “how important he is to us for Luca and how this is a start,” Cuban said of the direct presentation of the Maws deal. Part of this process is not only getting to know him, but also getting to know what is important to him. How he sees things. Coming here, walking around the city and spending time with him and meeting the people of Lubljana was what helped us take that first step. “

In Tokyo, Danzig was the tournament’s all-time leading scorer, scoring 48 points in his Olympic debut and setting an Olympic record with 18 assists in a semifinal loss to France.

“It means a lot. It’s incredible,” Danzik said through the translator about the mowers coming to his hometown. “It says a lot about you coming here to Lupljana. You’re great human beings, and I’m so grateful for this to happen.”

Danzi’s career began with Real Madrid, where he became the youngest MVP in Euro League history in 2017-18. The Atlanta Hawks finished third overall overall until 2018, but immediately traded to Dallas Bring young people And choose a future first round.

“I heard it first [Doncic] When was [Real Madrid] I played Thunder in the pre – season game and I watched the game, “Cuban said.” Apparently there was a lot of talk about him, I think he scored Russell Westbrook I think, or defending Russell or something like that, it caught people’s attention. I followed him from there and we talked a lot about him.

Despite some internal turmoil with the Mavericks at the start of the summer, longtime GM Tony Nelson resigned and coach Rick Carlis left for the Indiana Pacers, with no doubt the signing of the Danzig extension.

“First, how I feel about being in Dallas, it feels like a second home. It feels like home there, I feel good,” he said. “The people who work at the company are great people. I feel good there. I can’t say anything else.”