February 5, 2023

Looks like Google’s second gen pixel butt will be discontinued in the US

We’re not saying they stopped, but if you go to Google’s online store To us And Canada, You will find that there is no other way to buy it Second generation genuine wireless pixel buds. Its the most recent Pixel Butts A-Series There are There is more, But the exclusive list for pixel buds has disappeared.

Google will not officially say whether second-generation Pixel Butts will reach the end of their lives. what is that desire Confirmation is that they are “out of stock in the Google Store in the US and Canada at the moment” and have no additional stock. “Some third-party retailers may still have inventory available, and they have come to sell in other markets because inventory allows,” a spokesman said. “Allowing inventory” certainly seems like Butts is reaching the end of their lives, but like I said, Google refuses to say the word “stopped”.

The list for pixel buds no longer appears in the navigation bar of the US Google Store.
Screenshot: store.google.com

Android Police Reports The buds are still available in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. Of course, in the UK Google Store Pixel buds are still available, When it comes to third party retailers, John Lewis Lists them as not available with the note “Not likely to get more shares of this item”.

Eventually, there are several signs that the Second General Pixel Butts will go on sale a year later. But considering their average battery life and persistent reports of connectivity issues, we are quite surprised to see them go. If you are an existing owner, you will receive “ongoing feature support, software fixes, and important security updates,” Google says.