October 3, 2022

London is a reasonable end to Roger Federer's long career

London is a reasonable end to Roger Federer’s long career

Federer did it with a unique combination of improvisational talent and a carefully designed structure.

He had an undeniable gift to the game, including superior hand-eye coordination and what Marc Rosset, the most successful Swiss player before Federer, described as an exceptional “processing speed” that allowed Federer more time to create great on-the-fly shots and then finish them off with additional decorations. .

But Federer has also learned how to manage his time, build an excellent support team and maintain his positive energy. He scheduled them wisely and took real breaks from the stress of the tour while relaxing while playing the tour. Many opponents can recall a pleasant conversation with Federer in the locker room shortly before the match, and he can then wear his face in a hurry.

In an interview in 2019, he explained his recipe for success.

“As much as I take things very seriously, I’m very comfortable, so I can really leave things very quickly. I really think that’s a secret for a lot of guys and for the guys to be able, when you leave the site, to say, ‘OK, I’ll leave it behind’ “I still know I am a professional tennis player, but I feel comfortable. I do it my way, whatever helps me decompress.”

This was permeated by Federer with his left fist.

Because if you’ve always been this way, that’s when you’re burning up,” he said, looking at his fist.

Federer, with his determination and embrace of the process, never goes out of style. Instead, he lost his body after multiple knee surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation courses. He said he still had hope at Wimbledon this year, when he made a surprise appearance at the Centenary Tribute Ceremony, that he could at least play there “again”.

But shortly after that emotional visit, he said he received the results of an MRI scan on his right knee that brought the truth to light.