July 7, 2022

Logitech’s new mouse and keyboard offer quieter clicks and more clocks, respectively

Logitech’s latest computer components provide a quieter or more intuitive way to use your computer, depending on your preferences. The new MX Master 3S is a minor update to the existing ones MX Master 3 Mouse Quiet mouse click and highly sensitive sensor. Meanwhile, the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini are a pair of keyboards whose mechanical switches need to be replaced so that they are more tactile (if a little louder) than they already are. MX keys devices. The MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S will be shipped this month for $ 169.99, $ 149.99 and $ 99 respectively.

The MX Master 3S is a device that looks very similar to the MX Master 3, and is being modified in line with Logitech. It has an aggressively carved right hand design, a pair of scroll wheels (one up / down, the other left / right), and the thumb buttons all three. The big changes are that it now uses an 8,000 DPI sensor, up from 4,000 last time, and the left and right mouse buttons are now significantly quieter – 90 percent, according to Logitech. There is still a tactile pump when you click the mouse, but it is more disabled than the MX Blue switch when pressing the Cherry MX Brown.

Image: Logitech

Image: Logitech

Despite the high resolution sensor, it is a mouse that is more aimed at office and productivity work than gaming with a relatively low voting rate of 125Hz. In contrast, gaming mice generally vote sometimes at 1,000Hz or 8,000Hz.

Logitech claims that the MX Master 3S’s high DPI sensor should help people use higher resolution displays such as 4K and 8K on their PCs, while quiet clicking benefits anyone who uses the mouse in a shared office setting. Personally, I like the touch of loud clicking, but I see Logitech’s argument. The MX Master 3S will replace the MX Master 3 in Logitech’s mouse line, however, those who like loud mouse clicks will have to act fast to catch them before one of the older models disappears.

While the MX Master 3S is aimed at users who prioritize silence over touch, the newer MX Mechanical keyboards do just the opposite. Previously, Logitech’s productivity-focused MX series keyboards – the MX Keys and MX Keys Mini – featured quiet, smooth-feeling laptop-style keys. But MX Mechanical, which is sold with MX keys in a row, uses Logitech mechanical switches.

Specifically, they use Kailh’s Choc V2 switches, and available styles include tactile Quiet Brown Switches, Click Blues and Linear Reds. These switches are low profile, so they do not have the long trip of full height Cherry MX switches. If you are familiar with the typing experience of the laptop keyboard, you should feel at home here. Although they are low profile, they come with some advantages of mechanical switches, including greater tactile sensitivity and greater reliability.

Both keyboards are wireless, and Logitech’s trademark long battery life is at full strength here. Turning on the backlight on the keyboard gives you 15 days of battery life or up to 10 months when you turn it off. The keyboard is equipped with sensors so that you can turn on its backlight when your hands are nearby and the USB-C port handles recharging when power is low. Both the keyboard and mouse can remember the three devices to which they are connected (they can connect via Bluetooth or an included USB wireless adapter) and switch between them at the press of a button.

I have been using the MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S for the past two days and so far, I have been impressed with both as office production tools. Clearly both are not high-performance gaming perfection, but rather a step-up option from the standard-issue keyboards and mice that many workers use in their offices and homes. Stay tuned for my full thoughts this weekend.