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Dance music stalwarts Gabriel and Dresden are all set to launch their new album, albeit they need your help! They are looking for YOU to fund their next album and they have taken to Kickstarter for this process. You can pledge anything from $2 to $10,000 and help these legends to produce an album that could be revolution.

For $10,000 You can Own a piece of Gabriel & Dresden History!

Dave collected CDs from 1980’s till 2005. Over 4000 CDs in all. It would take over 150 days 24 hours a day just to listen to it all. Now it’s time for you to own it. The collection spans a wide variety of genres including House, Trance, Alternative, New Wave, Indie Rock and Hip Hop. Shipping is FREE for this reward.


Here’s what they have to say

“For the past 15 years, you’ve known us together as Gabriel & Dresden. Since meeting in 2001, we’ve been passionate about making electronic music with meaningful lyrics and emotional melodies. 10 years ago we released our debut artist album and began touring the world. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to DJ in over 40 countries, sharing our music at festivals, clubs and even unplanned afterparties at some of your houses. This has given us a chance to actually meet and talk with many of you on the road, along the way.

By far, the most asked question…

“When are you gonna make another album?”

We’re happy to say that now finally feels like the right time. Melody and emotion are making a comeback in music and it has us excited to get back to our roots and make an album experience we can once again be proud to share with you. In order to bring this project to life we need your help. Making an album is a time consuming undertaking. The entire process will take us four months to complete. During that period we’ll be working on music full time.

Without the financial backing of a record company we’re asking for your help to make this album possible. Since we won’t be touring during this time, we need these funds to cover our living and other expenses so we can fully focus on the task at hand: making the best album possible. Money isn’t the only thing we’re asking for with this campaign. We also want you to get involved in the entire album making process. We will be documenting everything with Live Video Streams, music demos, sound clips and video snippets so you can watch things happen.

If you want to have a more of direct impact on the album you can join our Advisory Board. This will be a private Soundcloud group where we will post songs in progress for you to give us direct feedback and vote on your favorites. For a limited number of people, we are opening up our doors so you can join us in the studio and get a first hand look at the music making process. It has been an incredible journey with you so far and we cannot wait to share the next chapter of our evolution with you.”

#TranceFamily, lets get pledging!

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