February 5, 2023

Lauren Hugh Lampta lost the prize nomination after a Twitter fight

He added: “I was expecting more from Lambda than character assassination by vague accusation based on Twitter rumors, for telling me to read the book – not a group, but people -.”

In a joint interview with Aqua and Scales, both an independent panel of judges and Lambda Literary contributed to the decision to withdraw the book from the controversy, and the organization did not take a stand on “The Men”.

As a result of Huck’s posts, Scales said in an interview, “Many alternative talents felt they could not, and they were not allowed to be in these conversations.” Aquawe said the posts “did not raise other weird people and these voices”.

In her substock NewsletterHugh said he had discussed “The Men” with Newman and “how the book identifies transgender reality.”

“Other books that started from this prototype – all men disappear – have destroyed the existence of trance people, and it’s important for her not to do that, as sensitive as possible,” Hawk wrote. “So, when I saw people thinking that the simple idea was the whole point of the plot, I told them to read the book before they thought it was bad.”

For this, she was branded a trans-exclusive radical feminist – something she denied.

(Brian Attebury, an English professor at Idaho State University who wrote about gender in science fiction, said that previous books with similar, gender-neutral or divisive scenes were “written before much attention was paid to anything beyond gender duality.”)

Hu lamented that Twitter users had severely criticized a book they had not read.

“They call it ‘call-out culture’,” he wrote in the substock, “because bullying is wrong, unless your target is someone you do not like for social justice reasons.”

In an email on Monday, Newman declined to comment on his upcoming book, but confirmed Hugh’s account of their friendship. “He has a great deal of honesty and dignity,” Newman said. “He is an amazing writer and his book deserves all the awards.”