November 26, 2022

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The commanding officer of the Russian army, who is accused of being involved in the killing of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Pucha, was promoted from lieutenant colonel to colonel with all available evidence.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the officer was Colonel Azadbek Omurbekov, the first person to offer him the post.

“For three weeks, regimental units led by Colonel Omurbekov repulsed more than 50 enemy attacks with tanks, infantry vehicles and heavy artillery,” it said in a telegram with the slogan “#HeroesZ”.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense wrote in a tweet on Saturday that Azatbek Omurbekov of Russia’s 64th Regiment Motor Rifle Regiment had been promoted to a new position.

“For that [the] In the civilized world he is an executioner, a murderer, a rapist, a robber, ”it said on Twitter on Saturday. “It simply came to our notice then [the] The Kremlin said he was a ‘hero’ and that the promotion would have the effect of “inciting him to commit new war crimes.”

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin conferred the title of “Guardian” on Colonel Omurbeko’s faction.

The UK said on Thursday Imposes new restrictions “Key leaders of Russia’s military – targeting those in the front line to commit these heinous acts,” it called. They included the commanding officer of the Russian military unit that occupied Pucha, which identified him as Lieutenant Colonel Omurbekov below the Colonel.

Hundreds of people lay dead After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city several weeks ago, some, including some who had been handcuffed, were shot dead in Pucha, north of Kiev. Russia has denied allegations that its forces were involved in the killings.