February 5, 2023

Labor’s Kim Leid Peter Patley and Spain won the UK by-election

LONDON – Britain’s opposition Labor Party on Friday unexpectedly won a narrow victory in the battle for the open parliamentary seat. An important test for party leader Khair Stormer Who is under pressure for failing to renew the party’s wealth.

Many expected that the Conservatives, who had been Labor since 1997 because of George Galloway’s spoiler campaign, would take the place. Facing criticism in May, Mr. This win will be a great relief for Stormer His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats, Is another former fort in the north of England.

That decision added weight to the perception that support for Labor had plummeted “The Red Wall.” Conservatives of Prime Minister Boris Johnson are infiltrating the former industrial areas of the UK on a large scale.

After fierce competition in one of Labor’s traditional heartland seats in the north of England, Batley and Spain, Labor candidate Kim Leedpeter won by just 323 votes over her Conservative rival, Ryan Stephenson.

After a campaign distorted by allegations of voter intimidation in Thursday’s by-elections, Ms. One episode in which LeadPeter was aggressively attracted led to the arrest of one of the attack suspects in connection with another attack. Labor supporters.

Mrs. LeadPeter acknowledged that it had been “tough for a few weeks,” but “I’m glad the Patley and Spanish people rejected the vote, and they voted in favor.”

Labor fought hard to retain Patley and Spaniard, who were represented in Parliament by Mrs. Lead Peter’s sister, Joe Cox, Until he was assassinated in 2016 by an extreme right-wing fanatic.

The short path to Mrs. Leadpeter’s success is a complex one. He is the Conservative candidate Mr. Not only against Stephenson, but also former legislator and senior left-wing campaigner Mr. He also ran against Galloway, who sought to divert Labor support.

Mr. Although Labor blocked Galloway’s challenge, its share of the vote in Batley and Spain was lower than in the 2019 general election.

First Brexit referendum in 2016, Mr. Johnson’s Conservative Party has succeeded in winning Labor’s key voters in working class communities in the north and middle of the UK.

Before the end of Batley and Spain, if Mrs. Lead Peter loses, Mr. There were media speculations that Stormer would suffer a leadership challenge.

Most analysts say Mr. Stormer was believed to have been safe regardless of the outcome because there were no reliable replacement wings. But victory – that is short – will be particularly welcome news for party leaders because competition can be avoided.

The by-election was triggered in May when Tracy Propin, a former Labor legislator from the area, was elected to another job as mayor of West Yorkshire, demanding that he resign from parliament. Mr. Stormer was accused of mismanaging the situation and endangering the seat by allowing him to run for mayor.

Since he took over as chairman last year, the former top lawyer, Mr. Stormer sought to unite the party after ousting its left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn’s maid in the 2019 parliamentary election.

Mr. Critics of Stormer have accused him of failing to formulate a definitive alternative policy agenda of unattractiveness and the Conservatives.

His defenders have called for patience, arguing that the epidemic has made it harder for voters to focus on government efforts to end the Govt-19 restrictions.

Mr. To increase the pressure on Stormer and get him fired, Mr. Galloway had invited voters in his election literature.

At the end of Friday’s increase, Ms. Lead Peter received 13,296 votes, while Mr. Stephenson scored 12,973 points, while Mr. Galloway came in second with 8,264 votes.

Labor “won this election against contradictions,” Mr. Stormer said. “When we are true to our values ​​- we’re committed to improving dignity, honesty, life – then we did so by showing that Labor can win.”