November 26, 2022

La Palma Volcano: As the volcano erupts into the sea, residents say it will lock up

Lava leaking from Volcano for 10 days A cliff in the Playa Nueva area near the town of Dasacorte has been dumped into the sea, the Canary Islands volcanic company confirmed via Twitter.

As the day broke, the red hot volcano stretched over the Atlantic Ocean waterway, sending clouds of steam and toxic gases into the sky. Clouds of smoke billowed from the volcano and the molten rock flowed west of Gumbre Vijaya.

“All the people within a 2km radius were evacuated” and a wide area was locked, Dassault Mayor Juan Miguel Rodriguez told the Acosta TV3 channel that no evacuation was required as the cloud was moving east.

Tourists left La Palma on September 25 after a volcanic eruption that began a week ago in the Gumbre Viza area.

He said all the roads in the southern part of the islands were cut off by volcanoes.

Spanish emergency officials told residents of the island to remain calm. “The contact of volcanoes with the sea will create gases that are harmful to (your) health. If you are in the defined zone of Dassault, there is a safe place inside your home,” the Canary Islands Emergency Services said Wednesday via Twitter.

Authorities had previously set up an exemption zone at sea and on land to protect people from explosions when toxic gases and volcanoes come in contact with seawater. No injuries were reported.

Emergency services told people to protect their mouths and noses with a damp cloth.

Lava is seen through the kitchen window from El Paso on September 28, 2021.

Since the eruption began on September 19, the volcano has engulfed nearly 600 homes and banana plantations in La Palma.

Thousands of people were evacuated and three coastal villages are expected to enter the sea on Monday.

Spain on Tuesday classified La Palma as a disaster zone, prompting financial support for the island.