November 29, 2022

Kyrie Irving Injury Update: Steve Nash Says The Nets Cross Our Fingers Without Leaving For Long With Ankle Sprains

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The wounds keep rolling Brooklyn nets. With 5:52 remaining in the second quarter of Game 4 against Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday afternoon, the All-Star Guardian Kyrie Irving The floor was throbbing with pain and he was holding his right ankle. He was able to get up under his own power and walk into the locker room, but Miss the rest of the game. The good news is that head coach Steve Nash said Irving’s early X-rays Came back negative. Star Guard will be subjected to further testing and treatment in the coming days. Irving the left biceps using crutches and his right ankle on a walking boot Rachel Nichols of ESPN.

Irving was injured when he landed after attempting a shot into the basket. On the way down, Giannis Antetoga ounpo Ready to catch a comeback came behind him, but his foot was just below Irving’s landing, and he made his way straight down to the top of it. The play can be seen below:

Prior to the injury, Irving had 11 points and five rebounds, while the Nets and Bucks were locked in a tightly contested game. After Irving left the game, the Bucks were able to walk away, and eventually they walked away A 107-96 win Connect the series 2-2. Irving’s position for the rest of the series is unknown at this time, but Nash is trying to be optimistic.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen [Kyrie] In the days to come, ” Said Nash After the game. “We crossed our fingers and hope it’s better – I don’t know, better than what? – Better than missing the next game.”

Nash also made it clear that the injury to Irving would not affect James Horton’s return deadline. Horton was sidelined with a femoral injury from the opening minutes of the series.

“James is an independent case. I do not want James to back down.” Said Nash. “If he can play the next game or game, it’s very nice. If he’s not, I do not want to rush him into a bad act or cause a long-term injury. So we’ll see, we will see. Have to try. ”

Irving’s injury was a huge blow to Brooklyn, especially as Horton had already been sidelined, and was certainly a big factor in the Bucks’ ability to secure a win in Game 4. Moving forward, the Nets need to believe that Irving’s injury is not too serious and he could return to action in the short order. Game 5 between the Nets and the Bucks is scheduled for Tuesday night.