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Kyau and Albert head back to India this week to celebrate the completion of two wonderful decades in this industry. And what better a way to celebrate than with classics? The German duo will be belting out some brilliant classics in their extended memories set. Taking place on the 6th of October in Mumbai and the 7th of October in Bangalore, this is one gig for which you should keep your dancing shoes ready.

Excited to be back in India next weekend! :-)Fri 6th in Mumbai + Sat 7th Bangalore DID 360

Posted by Kyau & Albert on Friday, September 29, 2017


Hi! It’s lovely to have you perform here! Congratulations on completing 20 years in the industry. How has the journey been till now?

Ralph Kyau: Thanks. This journey was a big part of our life and I am happy that we still enjoy to make music together.


You’ll have worked together for two decades now. What do you think is the best part about working with each other?

Steven Albert: After this long time we still share the same musical taste and like each other, which is not normal I think.

Ralph Kyau: We are both uncomplicated characters.



Ralph, we heard that you brew your own beer and you like to cook. Tell us a little bit about it! And what is your signature dish?

Ralph Kyau: I love good food and started cooking when my son was born. By the way: I enjoy Indian food quite often, but then in restaurants. I started brewing beer just for fun in 2008, it is lovely to make your own food and drinks. Well, I can cook a few things, I like to play with spices and love vegetarian food as well.


On a brew day… <3

Posted by Kyau & Albert on Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In your latest album, Matching Stories, we saw you’ll experimenting with a different style of sound, like β€œMein Herz” and β€œSpuren” has very techno influences. Do you’ll think it’s essential for producers to keep experimenting with their sounds and stepping out of their comfort zones at regular intervals?

Steven Albert: We think it is boring, when every album track sounds the same. The wonderful thing of making an album is to play around with sounds and not having the pressure of making a successful single. We always tried to put some tracks on our album, which are different to the single releases and are able to surprise our fans.

Ralph Kyau: Experimenting is the great freedom you have, when you make an artist album. Someone who stops to experiment loses creativity in my opinion.



What is the one thing you enjoy about touring? And what is the one thing you miss the most while on a lengthy tour?

Ralph Kyau: There are various things I like; seeing to have loyal fans all around the world is a great feeling, which motivates me a lot – plus meeting new people and eating good food.

Steven Albert: I sometimes miss my family when touring, but on the other hand it is great to travel, because it gives me inspiration. Long flights and jetlag are a bit exhausting; then a great shows bings my energy back.


When you released β€œDistant lights” you’ll came out with a Distant Lights IPAs. Can we see you experimenting with something like that now that Matching stories is out? A Matching Stories champagne maybe to celebrate your success?

Ralph Kyau: Haha. I am not a champagne drinker at all. Maybe bringing a new beer next year, but no more in 2017 as we already started working on new wicked material, which is our priority now.



Currently there is a lot of debate about the fact that Trance is making its comeback in the electronic music scene. What is your take on it?

Steven Albert: Trance fans are the most loyal fans in dance music I believe. The melodic impact of Trance definitively has the potential to become bigger in the future.


In your previous interview with us you told us that you were working on a collaboration with Ronski Speed. Could you tell us something about it? Would you possibly play a snipetΒ  for the crowd?

Ralph Kyau: The collaboration is already finished. It is a banger, classic Trance, but we have no name yet. Release is planned for somewhere end of 2017 or more realisticly in early 2018. Of course, can play it if you want to…


You’ve been to India so many times, share us your most vivid memories about the country?

Ralph Kyau: Remembering a lot of cool things. Very special was when we were invited to a promoter in Pune and his mom cooked wonderful food. That was nice. I also experienced in India for the first time, how good pure vegetarian food can be. I cook a lot of vegetarian food at home as well, but I am no vegetarian.

Steven Albert: I am most times even vegan when I am at home, but it is too hard to be vegan on tour. So on the road I eat non-vegan, when I can’t find it.

Really enjoying the Indian food! Now going to Mumbai (Bombay)…

Posted by Kyau & Albert on Friday, August 12, 2011


We love to keep seeing you come back and play here. What is the one thing you really look forward to whenever you come to India?

Ralph Kyau: Seeing our Indian fans as the K&A return was long overdue! And of course Indian food, but please not super spicy πŸ˜‰


Last night: BOMBA(Y)stic!!! πŸ™‚ Now in Bangalore…

Posted by Kyau & Albert on Sunday, August 14, 2011


Kyau and Albert perform in Mumbai on the 6th of October and in Bangalore on the 7th of October.

Check out the event page here

To know more about the tour, read here




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