February 6, 2023

King of Fighters 15 online matchmaking is still broken after 5 months and the player base is really sore

King of Fighters 15 online matchmaking is still broken after 5 months and the player base is really sore

The King of Fighters 15 is honestly a great fighting game. This might be my personal favorite of the series, but there’s just one big problem…Playing against other people can sometimes seem impossible.

SNK released multiple updates to KOF15 in the five months since the game’s February launch, however, online matchmaking is still broken for many around the world – and pushing the limits of the patience of the player base.

We’ve seen too many unreliable reports and complaints about players across PlayStation, Xbox and PC waiting upwards of 30 minutes to find a match (if any), and it’s not because no one is online.

Even when a match can be started, it is also common for connections to be worse/further than the player’s preferred settings.

I personally didn’t have many problems initially trying to fight people in KOF15, but navigating online tonight took over 7 minutes to find a match after several failed searches – and it was completely unplayable.

This is still a big black take on an otherwise solid game, and the fact that matchmaking is still in this case is almost unbelievable.

Through all our searches, no one in the community has apparently been able to figure out what’s going wrong, but someone created iskofxvsmatchmakingstillbroken.com To compile all the information known to date.

This also means that there is no known solution or real workaround for the problem, which has caused a lot of frustration among the player base and is likely to cause people to drop KOF15 until it is fixed.

Although we can’t display console player numbers, Steam . Charts Only an average of 530 people appeared online at any one time on a PC over the past month – an all-time high of over 8,200.

This isn’t exactly the best looking game for a game under 6 months old, especially considering the average population dropped more than 28% on PC in June alone.

King of Fighters 15 too It barely cracked the top ten in our recent rankings Fighting game player based on Steam.

SNK hasn’t been completely silent about the issue since then Acknowledge matchmaking issues and give players a survey To give developers more information to help find a solution.

That was about two months ago, however, there is still no word on when to expect a new update.

If the fix isn’t implemented soon, I’m starting to worry that KOF15 might end up with a similar fate as Samurai Shodown – a great game that most people moved on too quickly because they couldn’t play online.

A fighting game basically needs a proper experience in matchmaking at least to keep a healthy community in today’s ecosystem, especially with the amount of strong competition around and more big drops on the horizon.

It won’t really matter how many DLCs, outfits, and balance adjustments SNK puts in if players can’t play against other people consistently.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much the community can do except keep waiting because SNK is already very much aware of the issues.

With new Team DLC slated to release sometime after Evo 2022 in Team Awakened Orochi, we hope a solution is also ready for their arrival.

I certainly still have high hopes that KOF15 can bounce back and be a strong contender for years to come, but the game cannot go on indefinitely.