December 5, 2022

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Kanye West compares divorce to COVID after Kim’s solo announcement – Hollywood Life

The rapper talked about how exposed he was to a list of feelings, after his legally estranged wife was chosen in court.

Kanye WestAnd the 44, reveal his emotions about him and Kim kardashian’s Divorce In a new Instagram post on Friday, March 4th, he listed all the things that divorce feels like. Among the many comparisons, Kanye first likened the grief caused by the divorce to a “full COVID.” The rapper’s long list of comparisons included an array of metaphors, ranging from the superlative to the more general.

Kanye’s first divorce comparison was COVID, but it was far from the only medical metaphor he uses Donda He had a rapper up his sleeve. He wrote, “Divorce sounds like your doctor knows nothing.” “Divorce looks like Grandma didn’t beat that cold.” Some of his comparisons even sounded like symptoms of a serious case of COVID. “Divorce is like heavy breathing. Divorce is like suffocation. He can barely breathe.”

Some of Kanye’s other comparisons were more common to anyone who’s gone through a bad breakup. He likened feelings to being “broken in a thousand pieces” as if “your soul is being dragged over coals”. Towards the end of the list, Kanye broke the form for an emotional list of feelings. “Divorce sounds like you’ve given up everyone else and you have no right to have something to say. Who are you to have a say in your life. You’re not who you are anymore.” Wrote before quotes Michael Jackson’s “I want you to start something” and make a strange comparison with Bill Cosby‘s Displays Cosby Show. “You are a vegetable. You are the real Cosby. Not a Huxtable.”

Kanye publicly reflects on his feelings of divorce from Kim. (stock struggle)

Kanye apparently wasn’t happy about the divorce from Kim, 41, and was outspoken about his anger because she is. Start with history comedian Pete DavidsonAnd the 28. The rapper recently demonstrated his hatred of comedy with a disturbing new music video for his song “Easy”, showing himself beheading SNL star and buried him.

Kanye posted a long list of the things he feels about divorce on his Instagram. (splashnews)

Kanye’s Instagram post came after Kim Declare one legal Wednesday 2 March New legal statusKim also dropped the word “West” from her surname, and followed the decision to drop it as well. Ex name from her Instagram. During the divorce hearings, Kim talked about her and Kanye Well-being of four children In court, saying that The children were “okay”.