November 26, 2022

Juan Toscano Anderson responds to an NBA analyst questioning Jordan Paul

Juan Toscano Anderson responds to an NBA analyst questioning Jordan Paul

A lot can change in a few years.

After the Warriors ranked 28th overall in 2019, Jordan Paul faced plenty of skeptics who weren’t shy about directing criticism at the then 20-year-old – and his teammates won’t let them forget him. How wrong were they?.

Juan Toscano Anderson took to Twitter after Golden State Game 3 NBA playoff victory Over the Denver Nuggets on Thursday, he posts an epic one-word response to the journalist’s 2019 take on when Paul was first drafted.

The three-year-old video clip shows former CBS College Sports/NBA basketball writer Red Forgrave tearing up Paul’s first-round pick from the Warriors, calling it “the worst pick in the draft to date.”

Nothing against Jordan Bull. “I think the guy could be a rotating player in the NBA one day, but if you’re going to get a guy who can come in and shoot, you pick a sophomore,” Forgrave said in a draft day segment. You’re picking a guy who’s 20 years old and has some growth to do.”

Forgrave goes on to claim that Golden State likely signed Poole as an uncertified free agent rather than using his first-round pick on the Michigan producer, even if he goes so far as to say the selection was an “overdraft.”

Forgrave concluded, “…This is a choice that cannot be explained at all by the warriors.”

Forgrave was not the only one who doubted Paul. Two other industry analysts, Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish, both of CBS Sports, also criticized the Warriors’ choice.

“Golden State as a franchise, with its front office, has done a lot of great things over the past half decade and beyond here. I don’t see this,” Norlander said. “I think Jordan Bull has a lot to do with his game… Golden State sees Something, but for me, Jordan Bowl was not among the top 50 teams in this draft.”

“Yes, that doesn’t make sense to me. I’ll give it a D grade,” Parrish signs. “Jordan Bull is a good college basketball player and could turn out to be a proper rotation player in the NBA. But with so many up-and-coming players on the board, if I was Golden State, I would either like to have someone with more upside or someone I think is. He can help me next season. I’m not sure Jordan Paul is one of those things.”

CBS Sports’ Avery Johnson wasn’t quite as critical but still gave Poole the C-plus pick.

“…They just look, in their mind, who is the best player available when Steve Curry breaks the defense, he can kick it to someone who can shoot,” Johnson said. “…I think they’re assuming this kid can come and shoot them… Maybe they think he could be a guy who can move without the ball. He’s not a great player when he’s on the ball, but he’s definitely someone who can land spaces.”

Regardless of Johnson, the analysts have shown no mercy when it comes to judging Paul’s talent.

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While Paul’s first two years in the league were filled with a lot of uncertainty, he has since worked to improve his game and earned the league’s respect along the way. His rise to stardom in the NBA this season Continue throughout the qualifiers The 22-year-old makes history and havoc on the field.

Later, the Warriors made the perfect choice in 2019.

And JTA won’t let people forget that.

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