November 26, 2022

JPS paid M 11 million to solve the ransomware attack

JBS USA Holdings Inc. It paid $ 11 million in ransom to cybercriminals last week Temporarily knocked over the plants The process will account for one-fifth of the country’s meat supply, the company’s chief executive said.

The redemption fee, in bitcoin, was made to further protect and control the JPS meat mills Potential impact on restaurants, grocery stores and farmers It relies on JBS, said Andre Noguira, CEO of the US division of Brazilian meat company JBS SA.

“Paying off criminals was very painful, but we did the right thing for our clients,” Mr. He said most of the JPS plants were paid for after reopening.

JBS is the largest meat company in the world by sales, Processes beef, poultry and pork from Australia to South America and Europe. In the United States, the company is the largest beef processor and the largest supplier of poultry and pork. Pilgrims Pride Corporation, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc., is the second largest poultry processor in the United States.

The attack on JBS was part of an intrusion using ransomware, in which companies suffered millions of dollars in payments to regain control of their operating systems. Operator of a pipeline that brings petrol to certain parts of the East Coast in May Paid about 4 4.4 million to regain control Restoring its functions and service. These attacks show how hackers have changed from targeting data-rich companies such as retailers, banks and insurers. Essential service providers such as hospitals, Transport Operators and Food Companies