February 5, 2023

Journalists Pierre Zakhrzewski and Oleksandra Kuvshinova were killed in an attack that wounded a Fox News reporter.

A Fox News cameraman was killed Monday in the same attack that left a reporter on the network. Benjamin Hall was wounded As they said nearby UkraineThe capital of Kiev, the network said on Tuesday. Fox News reported that the vehicle in which cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Hall were traveling was killed in an “incoming fire.”

Anton Zherashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, said that Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshinova had also been killed in the attack. Gerashchenko said that Kuvshinov and Zakharzevsky were killed “by artillery fire from Russian-fascist forces.”

Fox News presenter John Roberts said in a tweet, “I have worked with Pierre many times around the world. He has been an absolute treasure. We extend our heartfelt prayers to Pierre’s wife and family.”

Fox News CEO Suzane Scott said the London-based Zakrzewski “during his long tenure with us covered all the international news from Iraq to Afghanistan and Syria to Fox News” and “his passion and talent as a journalist is incomparable.”

“He was deeply committed to storytelling and his bravery, professionalism and work ethic were well-known among journalists in every media,” Scott said.

“Pierre Zakrzewski is a complete legend on the network and his loss is devastating,” Fox News presenter Bill Hemmer said Tuesday. Fox President Jay Wallace was quoted as saying that other employees “always felt extra reassured when they came on the scene, and they saw the beer was there.”

“He’s a professional, he’s a journalist, he’s a friend,” Hemmer said. “We would like to express our deepest condolences to Pierre’s wife Michael and his entire family on the Fox News Channel here. Pierre Zakrzevsky was 55 years old and we have already lost him.”

File photo provided by Fox News shows network cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski (left) with colleagues. On March 14 a senior journalist on the American network was killed when a reporter in Kiev, Ukraine, Benjamin Hall was injured in an attack.

Courtesy of Fox News

Last year, the network honored Zakrzevsky Fox News Media Spotlight AwardIt recognizes “extraordinary employees who go in and out of the workplace and beyond.”

Fox’s report provided no information on Hall’s condition, and their correspondent, who was injured in the same attack, was admitted to hospital Tuesday.

Gulnosa Side, the European and Central Asia project coordinator for journalists, said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened” by the news of Zakhrevsky’s and Kuvshinov’s deaths.

“Reporting on this war is an important public service, and it has already claimed the lives of at least two journalists in just a few weeks,” he said. “Ukrainian and Russian authorities must do everything in their power to ensure the safety of all journalists and to fully investigate attacks on the press.”

On Monday, the network confirmed that Hall “was injured while gathering news outside Kiev in Ukraine.”

In a Monday memo to Scott staff, he said on the network that “there are fewer details now, but Ben has been admitted to the hospital and our teams on the ground are working to gather more information as the situation unfolds quickly.”

Another American journalist, Brent Renat, received the news of the attack on the Fox crew a day later Was shot In Ukraine. The head of Kyiv’s regional police force said Renaud had been killed and another journalist had been wounded by Russian forces while filming refugees in Irpin, a city outside the capital, Kyiv.

Challenges in keeping journalists safe in Ukraine after American filmmaker killed by Russian forces


Shawn Tandon, president of the State Department Reporters’ Guild, said he was “shocked” by the news of Hall’s injury.

“We know him for his warmth, good sense of humor and great professionalism,” Tandon said in a statement. “We wish Ben a speedy recovery and call for greater efforts to protect journalists who provide invaluable service through their coverage in Ukraine.”

Hall Recently it made headlines After Greg Goodfield, co-host of the Fox News political talk show “The Five”, was quoted as saying that the report from Ukraine was “just like any other story we have come across in the digital age.” A film is shot and re-enacted to generate some kind of emotional response from you, because it makes news companies profitable. ”

“This is not a medium that tries to elicit some emotional response,” Hall said. “This is absolutely what happens.”

“It’s a complete disaster,” he added. “And those caught in the middle are the real victims.”