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Jordan Suckley is back with his routine mix compilation. This year, it gets an upgrade and no longer just remains damaged, but is now Damaged Charged!

When the progressive gravities have been plumbed, the melodies spun out and elevating strings, strung, tis time to go beyond the beyond. When everything else tops out, Suckley-strength sonics – nitro glycerine-esque in their subtlety, wrecking-ball-like in their restraint – assume control. Wild West beats, elasticated tempos, lawless distortion and shoot-first/questions-later vocals are the (dis)order of the day/night. In these anything-goes badlands, there’s only one person who truly knows what’s around the next corner and that’s the man behind the mixer.

Signing on the dotted co-mixer’s line is Israeli duo Coming Soon!!!

The mix is a perfect balance of the harder styles of trance. While Jordan spins his way magically around the higher BPM tech trance sounds, Coming Soon!! gets the psy section of it perfectly right in a manner where both the mixes compliment each other.

Tracklist: Jordan Suckley & Coming Soon!!! – Damaged presents Charged

Mix 1 – Jordan Suckley

01. Ashley Smith – Kick Back
02. Bryan Kearney presents Karney – Smiler
03. Jordan Suckley & Kutski – Surveillance (2nd Phase Remix)
04. David Forbes – Panic Room
05. HP Source – Synapse
06. Dr. Willis & Myron meet Ricky Fobis – No Regular (Mark Sherry Remix)
07. David Forbes & Richard Durand – Coma
08. 2nd Phase – Body Bag
09. Jordan Suckley – Suspect 1
10. Sam Jones – Patt3rns
11. Simon Patterson – Spike (Vertical Mode Remix)
12. Jordan Suckley – Ritual (Waio Remix)
13. Kriess Guyte – Transcendental
14. Mark Norman – Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix)
15. Paul Oakenfold & Jordan Suckley – Amnesia
16. Quench – Dreams (Nicholson’s Cathedral Remix)
17. Steve Allen – Metamorphosis
18. The Space Brothers – Shine (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

Mix 2 – Coming Soon!!! 

01. Coming Soon!!! – Ready To Get High (Vibe Tribe & Somnia Remix)
02. Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!! – Say What
03. Vini Vici – Fkd Up Kids
04. Katri – Ompasa
05. Reeloop – F*cking Society (Coming Soon!!! Remix)
06. Coming Soon!!! – Trippin In Paris
07. Coming Soon!!! – Parallel Universe
08. Effective featuring Ojini – Godavari
09. Ace Ventura – Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix)
10. Katri – Chantsra
11. Effective – Dirty (Synctronik Remix)
12. Coming Soon!!! x Waio – Create The Machine
13. Avalon & Waio – Shiva
14. Coming Soon!!! x Waio – Alien March
15. Coming Soon!!! – Interstellar

Musically, things are going to get a whole lot messier before they get any tidier, so strap in… for Damaged Presents Charged!

Grab your copy here!

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