December 6, 2022

Jordan Speed ​​is optimistic about the US PGA’s chance at a career Grand Slam match US PGA

S.For golf buffs annoyed by the Saudi Arabian themes that dominate their sport, it can come in the form of a 28-year-old from Dallas. To Jordan Spite Raise the Skymaker Trophy on Sunday evening, complete with a career Grand Slam, and will be a fascinating story to make up for some time with the intermittent conversations about parting tours, human rights and non-golf personal Grota, Bill the Shill.

Speed ​​arrived to say that this was his best chance of joining Southern Hills. US PGA Masters, US Open and Open Championship. He is the sixth man in history to win four major golf tournaments. Speed ​​is proud that he fully embraced another inclination in making history.

“Of course at this point, having won the other three, this is an elephant in the room for me,” Speed ​​said. “This is my goal. If you tell me I’m going to win a competition for the rest of my life, I will say I want to win this one where things are. If you tell me I’m going to win a competition before my career starts, I will say Masters because it grows. My most favorite match to come.

“Things are changing, it makes significant sense. For a long time, it would be great to say that you’ve won four major golf tournaments in the world, played in different parts of the world and in different styles. So when you win a career Grand Slam, you feel like you’ve achieved some kind of golf.

“I have been close twice. It doesn’t have to be my most successful main thing, but I feel good going into this week.

Speed ​​beat RBC Heritage and finished second in Byron Nelson, missing out on a surprise at the Masters. Augusta National proved to be a headache for the man. “In Friday’s round, I scored 76 runs and I can not say I missed a shot,” he said. “It was weird. I really did not realize I had made a big mistake. I had weeks like this before. You believe they were not in the Masters.

Tiger Woods in a training round in the South Hills. He has been paired with Jordan Spide and Rory McIlroy for the first two rounds. Photo: Christian Peterson / Getty Images

By his own consent, the old Spy would have sought technological change after playing just 36 holes in Georgia. His decline after winning the 2017 Open makes the return to the golf peak most commendable.

Spite, which was ranked 92nd at the beginning of 2021, has returned to the top 10 in the world. Spite, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy were eliminated as the marquee team for the first two rounds here. There are only 22 majors between these three.

“They’re both great to play with,” Spite said. “They’s quick. They’m positive. I think you’ll have to embrace it, have fun and recognize it.

“Last year, you had no idea it would happen again. I know it’s great for the game of golf, but it’s so exciting to play with the guy you selfishly adore these events.

McLaren’s form and mood, which will be his first major success since 2014, look positive. John Rahman’s touch around the greens should be a big South Hills benefit. Shane Lori has said he is “quietly optimistic” about his chances of success.

There are only 98 days between the final round of the Phoenix Open and the same point of this US PGA. If Scottie Scheffler had won at Tulsa, he would have won that window five times. “When I compete, I don’t feel different,” the Masters champion stressed.

The searing temperature, turbulent air and cross holes will inevitably be a problem for the speed of the game. In fact, it would not be a shock if the second round of weather without delay sounds early Saturday morning. South Hills offers rigorous physical examination.

Asked if he had a second thought about participating in the $ 25 million competition in Hertfordshire next month, Richard Plant gave a blunt answer, proving that Saudi thoughts were not far off. European tour does not allow members like Bland to feature.

“I’m going to play,” Bland said. “If I was banned, I would be banned. Most of my life is now behind me in terms of playing at the highest level. In six months I will be 50 years old.

“I’m a realist. Mother Nature tends to catch you. I have a chance to play these events and protect my future, and I would be very foolish to dismiss it.

Fortunately people like Spite value professional tradition more than checks.