January 30, 2023

John Croton is suing NFL Commissioner Roger Coodell

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Nevada District Court in Clark County.

Crouton resigned in October He was Riders’ head coach after reports surfaced that he had used the language of homosexuality, racism and misogyny in emails while working as an ESPN analyst.

“Defendants allege that Cruden’s personal letters were leaked to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times in order to harm Gruden’s reputation and fire him,” Cruden’s lawyer Adam Hossmer-Henner said in a statement. “Of the 650,000 emails collected during the Washington Football Association’s NFL investigation, there is no explanation or justification as to why only Crouton’s emails were made public or kept for several months before being published in the middle of the riders. ‘Season.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told CNN in a statement: “The allegations are completely baseless and the NFL will actively defend itself against these claims.”

The lawsuit alleges that the NFL’s actions caused Grouton “serious financial damage and damage to his career and reputation.”

Although the source of the leaked emails is not known, the lawsuit alleges that they were leaked by the NFL and that the league deliberately tried to hurt Crouton, while other details of the investigation into the Washington football team have been kept secret.

“Contrary to the formalities of the Washington football team’s trial, Grouton’s defendants carried out a Soviet – style character assassination,” the lawsuit alleges. “There was no warning and no action. Defendants kept emails for months until the Raiders leaked to the national media in the middle of the season causing maximum damage to Crouton.”

The NFL regular season runs from September 9 to January 9. Crouton was the coach for the first five Riders games.

McCarthy told CNN in October that the league had no plans to release further details from the investigation for reasons of secrecy.

“Of the 650,000 emails received months ago in connection with the Washington Football Association’s workplace abuse investigation, the defendants armed themselves with a small subcommittee written by Cruden before being hired by the Raiders. The defendants ended up using these emails deliberately.

It demands that Crudon be compensated and that “exemplary and punishable damages resulting from repression, fraud or misconduct of the defendants” be specified, but not specified.

The investigation came after allegations against Washington team management

In July, the NFL announced that it had fined the Washington organization $ 10 million after an independent investigation found that the club’s work environment was “not highly professional”, especially for women.

The group was fined after 15 former female employees and two journalists were charged with sexual harassment and verbal abuse. The club began an investigation last July, with the NFL taking over in August.

In October, the Wall Street Journal reported that Croton had used racist language to describe DeMaris Smith, managing director of the NFL Players’ Association, in a 2011 email.

After the emails were revealed, the defendants “pressured the riders to fire Crouton,” the lawsuit said.

The Raiders did not and Crouton coached for another game.

The lawsuit alleges that the NFL and Guttell “increased the pressure by announcing that more documents would be made public.”

The New York Times later reconsidered the emails, denouncing the recruitment of Croton women as field officers, the group that openly forms homosexuals, and the tolerance of anti-national anthems.

The lawsuit alleges that the league and the commissioner leaked emails published by the Times.

The Times reports that several of Crouton’s emails, including a seven-year term, were sent to then-Bruce Allen, then head of the Washington team, who was fired in December 2019.

A league source confirmed to CNN the accuracy of the Times’ story shortly before Crouton resigned.

Cruden was one of the NFL’s highest paid coaches, signing a $ 100 million contract with the Raiders for 10 years, according to payroll website Spotrock.

He first coached the Raiders from 1998 to 2001, then won a Super Bowl in 2002 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the time, Croton was 39 years old, and later, the youngest coach to win the Super Bowl.

The Times reports that he left Bucs in 2008 to become ESPN’s football analyst and that his messages were sent while he was working as a color analyst during “Monday Night Football” at ESPN.