January 30, 2023

Joe Biden hails Biden ‘monument forward’ as Democrats pass infrastructure bill

After the House on Saturday, Joe Biden greeted the “monumental step forward as a nation” Democrats Finally an agreement was reached and a $ 1tn infrastructure package was sent to his desk to be signed, which gave great impetus to the management that fought for the victories.

“This is a blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding the United States,” Biden said.

The setback came, however, when Democrats postponed a vote on a second, even bigger bill. That 10-year, $ 1.85tn spending plan to improve health, family and climate change programs, known as the Built Back Better, was ignored by centrists following a request for a cost estimate from Congress’ Budget Office (CBO). Biden expressed hope that it could be accomplished.

The president, who walked out to speak to reporters at the White House, began with a joke at the expense of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“Finally, its infrastructure week,” he said.

Under Trump, the administration’s failure to focus on infrastructure became a national punchline amid continuing corruption.

“We’re starting,” Biden said. “It simply came to our notice then.

“The House of Representatives Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed. It is a luxurious way to say that the bilateral infrastructure bill, which will create millions of jobs, is a generational investment that will change the climate crisis for various things like our infrastructure, roads, bridges, broadband. The opportunity to lead us on a path to success in the 21st century economic competition we face with China and other major countries in the world.

House Approved The $ 1tn bill was unveiled late Friday after Democrats resolved a months-long standoff between progressives and moderates. Operation 228-206 passed. Thirteen Republicans, mostly moderates, supported the bill, while six left-wing Democrats opposed it, including Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes of New York.

Approval bills have plummeted and pushed the approval bill to the desk of a president who fought in this week’s election. Biden said he was not going to sign the bill this weekend because he wanted those who passed it to be there when he did.

“We look forward to having shovels on the ground,” Biden said. “To start rebuilding America.

“For all of you at home who feel left out and forgotten in the fast-changing economy, this bill is for you. Most of the thousands of jobs that are created do not require a college degree. There will be jobs in every part of the country: red states, blue states, cities, small towns, rural communities, tribal communities.

“It’s a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America, which is a long delay.”

This week, Democratic candidates for governor were defeated as governor of Virginia and roared through two blue-collar states in New Jersey. Those setbacks made leaders, centrists and progressives impatient to prove that they knew how to rule. Democrats may appear to be in turmoil a year before the midterm elections Republicans Congress needs to recover.

At the White House, Biden said: “Every state is different, I do not know, but I think I did something. Stop talking, do something. So I think that’s what the American people are looking for.

“What do all the talk about elections mean? They want us to deliver. Democrats, they want us to deliver. Last night we proved we could be on a bigger item. We provided. “

The postponement of the vote on the spending bill shattered hopes of a double victory. But at a turning point created by Biden and House leaders, five moderates agreed to support the bill, with CBO estimates of its costs matching the numbers of White House and congressional analysts.

The agreement, which lawmakers promised to vote on the bill by the week of November 15, is a significant step towards sending it to the Senate. Its prospects are uncertain: with the approval of Vice President Kamala Harris and West Virginia’s Joe Mancin and Arizona’s Kirsten Cinema, it must pass the centrist vote, which has so far proved disruptive.

Biden said the spending bill was “financially liable”. “It’s a luxury to say that it’s being paid in full. It’s not raising the deficit by a single penny.

Republicans have highlighted the consequences of the spending plan on dangerous economic inflation.

“According to economists, this will ease inflationary pressures … by cutting costs for working families,” Biden said.

He added: “We came out a few weeks ago with a letter from 17 Nobel laureates in economics, and they decided that. [the two bills] Inflationary pressures can be eased and not created.

Biden admitted that he would not get Republican votes for the spending bill and would “find out” how to unite his own party. On Friday, that effort was a tiring day for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He told reporters: “Welcome to my world. This is the Democratic Party. We are not a lock step party.

Biden said he hopes he can find the votes he needs. When asked what gave him that confidence, the president referred to his legislative experience as a senator and vice president and said “I”.

On Friday night, Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, delayed plans to travel to Delaware because the president was working on phones. Pramila Jayapal, head of the Congress Progressive Committee in Washington state, told reporters that Biden had even invited his mother to India. It is not clear why.

“It’s not to bribe me, it’s all over,” Jayapal said, “and she kept screaming like a little girl,” her mother told her.