November 29, 2022

James Michael Tyler, who starred in ‘Friends’ in Gunther, has died at the age of 59

James Michael Tyler, who starred as Barista Gunther in the TV show “Friends,” died Sunday at his home in Los Angeles. He is 59 years old.

His manager, Tony Benson, said the cause was prostate cancer, which was diagnosed in September 2018. After his diagnosis, Mr. Tyler shared his story at the age of 40 to encourage others to get tested for prostate cancer.

“Friends” including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Swimmer helped start the lives of its star actors. It debuted on NBC in the fall of 1994 and ran for a decade, typically reaching approximately 25 million to 30 million viewers each week.

Mr. Although Tyler was not a major character, he was widely regarded as the “seventh friend” and appeared in 150 episodes. He played the role of a barista in Central Berg, a gangster in a hangout of friends, who had a deep fascination with Rachel, the character of Mrs. Aniston, who worked in a coffee shop.

Mr. for the show. Tyler’s path was accidental. While working as a real barista in a real life coffee shop, he was asked if he was interested in being in addition to “friends”. In the first season, his character became known as “Coffee Hand”.

“At the time I was working as a barrister for Bourgeois Pig, one of the last independent coffee houses in Los Angeles,” Mr. Tyler Told the New York Times In 2012. In his second season, he got a line of conversation: “Yes,” he said, mr. The swimmer character, Rose, asked if there were stairs in his apartment.

The show’s co-creators, Marta Kaufman and David Crane, are featured in the series. Recalled the beginning of Tyler’s flow.

“When he started out with friends, his unique spirit caught our eye and we knew we had to make him a character,” they said in a statement Sunday night. “He incredibly connected to Gunther’s unconditional love.”

At the end of the series, Gunther, known for his bleached locks, finally summoned the courage to confess his love to Rachel, who fell in love with him.

“I love you too,” Rachel said Said குந்தர். “Probably not the same way. But I do. When I have coffee in a cafe, or when I see a man with brighter hair than the sun, I think of you.

According to the biography of the IMDP, on May 28, 1962, Mr. Vinona was born in Miss. Tyler, the youngest of five children, was raised by a retired Air Force captain and a housewife. He moved to Anderson, SC to live with his sister when he was 11 and joined Clemson University as a geography major. He holds a master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Georgia and is a graduate of Olympia, Wash. Moved to Los Angeles shortly after selling cars in.

“Michael loved live music, his Clemson cheered the Tigers, and he often finds himself in fun and unplanned adventures,” Ms Benson said in a statement. “If you’ve met him once, you ‘have been friends for a lifetime.”

Mr. Tyler revealed In public In June he had prostate cancer. He said “today” he was surrounded by an “extraordinary” support group and many were praying for his health.

“Personally, every moment, every day made me realize how important it is,” Mr. Tyler said. “And fight. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. Keep yourself as light as possible. And have goals. Set goals. My goal last year was to see my 59th birthday. I did it, May 28. Save at least one life by releasing this message. My goal is to help.

During treatment, Mr. Tyler subsequently starred in two short films, “Gesture and Word” and “Processing”, which received critical acclaim at film festivals. According to To the Hollywood Reporter.

Mr. Tyler’s survivors include his wife, Jennifer Carno. A complete list of survivors is not immediately available.