December 10, 2022

James Corden was briefly banned from entering New York's Balthazar restaurant

James Corden was briefly banned from entering New York’s Balthazar restaurant


The owner of the restaurant, said Balthazar, who stalks New York celebrities and power players, briefly banned comedian James Corden after he berated staff on several occasions, calling him “the little Christine of a man” and “the most unpleasant customer” at the Balthazar restaurant. Date.

Keith McNally, owner of Balthazar and other famous New York City restaurants, said on his Instagram account Mail On Monday, he said he wasn’t often “86” customers — meaning blocking or refusing to serve someone — but Corden won it over after two incidents when he mistreated employees.

McNally said Corden in June demanded a round of drinks “this second” and that his earlier drinks be made because he found a hair in his food — after he had finished his main course. McNally said Corden was “very bad” for the manager.

On another occasion this month, Corden came to the restaurant with his wife for brunch and complained to their server about having “a little egg white” in the yolk omelet, McNally said. The dish was remade, but sent with the wrong side – french fries instead of salad – which was apparently the last straw for Corden.

“You can’t do your job! You can’t do your job!” Corden told the valet, according to McNally, citing the manager’s report on the accident. “Maybe I should go into the kitchen and cook the omelette myself!” When Corden revolted at the server, complimentary glasses of champagne were brought to “soften matters.” The episode left the server “in a state of severe shaking”.

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A representative for Corden did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A manager at Balthazar declined to comment when contacted by phone late Monday night.

McNally said Corden was similarly behaving at another McNally restaurant, Café Luxembourg, “a few years ago.”

But late Monday night, McNally said he reversed Corden’s ban after the comedian called to apologize. McNally said he “apologised profusely.”

“I believe very strongly in second chances,” McNally said. He added that “anyone who is famous enough to apologize” to him and his workers “does not deserve to be banned from anywhere.”