November 26, 2022

Jake Paul targets Claresa Shields after PFL loss: ‘Fake will always be exposed’

Jake Paul wasted no time in shooting after that Claresa Shields‘PFL loss.

Shields were affected His first professional loss in war games on Wednesday When she abandoned a split decision Abigail Montes In the PFL’s season final. The two umpires scored 29-28 in favor of the 21-year-old Montez, who stunned the Shields with his wrestling and clich விளையாd game.

Minutes after the bout ended, the two-time Olympic champion at the Ball Shields called him a “loser” and tweeted with happy news, and scolded him for having a “prima dona attitude”.

Read Paul’s words in full below.

“The truth hurts but it is necessary. Clarissa [sic] Shields are a loss. In MMA, and with his Prima Donna approach. Fake will always be exposed. Losses come when anger and hatred get in the way. Just ask Rousey and McGregor. Jake spent more time teasing Paul than he did learning Jiu Jitsu. She has never been a big draw and unfortunately she will never be. Amanda Serrano (GWOAT) However, there are 30 KOs in 42 fights. Both won 2-0 in the MMA by submitting. Congratulations on the victory of Montez in Abigail.

Paul’s message seemed in direct response to Shields’ recent comments that he did not want to fight in one of Paul’s undercards. Shields spoke about the matter at a PFL press conference in early September and framed the topic as disrespectful. She was then He elaborated on his words in Monday’s episode MMA Hour.

“What did Jake Paul do as the main event paying for a look at the show, but I didn’t?” Shields host Ariel told Helvani MMA Hour. “I have to fight under him. That’s the thing, like I really got my chance. They give it to him. They say, ‘Hey Jack Paul, you’ve got a million subscribers on YouTube. You and your brother can fight at the main event on the show.’

“It’s rubbish. I’re really got my place, never given a chance. That’s what irritates me. It’s not really Jack Paul, it’s like how bravely they give him the opportunity I earned. We do not think you’re big enough to fight for the view. ‘Get out of here. This is nonsense. Even Shakur Stevenson, if they weren’t under, I wouldn’t be fighting under any other men’s undercard.

Shields is one of the most decorated female boxers of her era, a champion in three weight categories, and won gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. He went unbeaten 11-0 in his professional boxing career and 77-1 as an amateur.

The 26-year-old boxing champion signed a three-year deal with PFL in November 2020 and won his MMA debut at the event on Wednesday. Britney Elkin With June A dramatic third-round comeback. His attempt to compete simultaneously in boxing and the MMA may have been successful on Wednesday, but the Shields are scheduled to defend their three boxing titles on December 11 against Ema Kozin in Birmingham, England.

Paul was a professional boxer 4-0 and last fought against the former UFC Welderweight Champion Tyrone Woodley In August, the split won by a landslide.