December 8, 2022

Jaguars releases Tim Debo, completing his NFL comeback

The Jaguars in Jacksonville Have published Tim Depot A few days after his disastrous debut as the NFL tight end.

Depo, who tried to come back after playing last in the league in 2015, confirmed the reports in a tweet on Tuesday, where he thanked them for supporting his return.

Jaguar’s Tim Debo follows on social media, Embracing Black Attempt at Precision Game

“Thanks for the ups and downs, the opportunities and even the setbacks. I never wanted to make decisions for fear of failure. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue a dream,” he tweeted.

“Thanks to the Jaguars organization and everyone who supported me on this journey. And we know … God does all things together. Romans 8:28.”

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Depo played 16 games in Sunday’s defeat against the Cleveland Browns. His performance received negative attention on social media after his block clips went viral.

After five years at the New York Mets Minor League organization he rejoined coach Urban Meyer this year, but the transition from football and football to a tight end was too much.

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Depot selected Denver Broncos In the first round in 2010. He led the team to a playoff victory in his second season, but did not make the consistency a credible one. NFL Quarterly. He did not stick with the New York Jets, New England and Philadelphia.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.