February 8, 2023

Italy seizes villas and boats of oligarchy to put pressure on Russia

ROME, March 5 (Reuters) – Italian police on Saturday said they had seized villas and boats worth 143 million euros ($ 156 million) from five top Russians on the embargo list following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. read more

Luxury properties Two super boats were seized in some of Italy’s most valuable retail estates – on the island of Sardinia, on the Lake Como and in Tuscany – in the northern harbors.

Police operations are part of a concerted drive by Western nations

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The list, released by the office of Prime Minister Mario Tracy, now shows the most valuable asset in the hands of the police is the 65-meter (215-foot) boat “Lady M”, which is worth 65 million euros and belongs to Russia’s richest people. Alexei Mortashov.

It was captured in the port of Imperia.

The second luxury ship, the Lena, was captured at the nearby port of Sanremo. It is valued at about 50 million euros and belongs to Gennady Timchenko, whom Putin described as one of his closest allies.

Millionaire businessman Alisher Usmanov has seized a 17-million-euro villa on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, while Russian parliamentarian Oleg Savchenko owns a 17th-century home near the Tuscan city of Luca, valued at about 3 million euros. Him.

Undisclosed assets worth மில்லியன் 8 million were confiscated in Como from state television presenter Vladimir Soloviev. Reportedly complained Last month on Russian television he realized the risk of losing his Italian villas.

“But you told us there are sacred property in Europe,” he told The Daily Beast.

Russian oligarchs have bought a number of villas in Italian establishments over the past 20 years, and sources say a number of properties are expected to be seized in the coming days.

Usmanov, the Uzbek-born metals and telecommunications tycoon, is well known in Italy for owning a number of properties in Sardinia, while Mortazhov owns a villa worth 66 million euros ($ 72 million) on the same island, according to Italian media.

Taking into account the assets of his entire family, Mortasho’s net worth before the sanctions was estimated at $ 29.1 billion.

Mirko Idili, coordinator of the CISL union in Sardinia, warned that sanctions and the low number of rich Russians this summer could adversely affect the island’s economy and endanger more than 1,000 jobs.

The Bank of Italy’s Financial Investigation Division on Friday instructed Italian banks to immediately report all actions taken to freeze the assets of people and companies listed on the EU. read more

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Report by Emilio Barodi and Giuseppe Fonde; Written by Christian Palmer; Editing by David Holmes

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