February 4, 2023

Is it still between us on PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox?

Is it still between us on PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox?


The popular online stealth and stabbing simulation game Between us Currently facing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. according to Between us Developers InnerslothThe game has been offline in both North America and Europe for more than two days due to the attack.

Friday evening, March 24th Between us Players started reporting some server issues before it became impossible for players to connect and play online at all. Soon, Innersloth confirmed that the servers are indeed down and He explained that it was all due to a DDoS attack.

“We have vandalism in progress” was what the official account tweeted, before explaining the DDoS attack and apologizing to players for stopping by. He also explained that it may “take a bit” before things get fixed.

Now, over 48 hours later, the servers are still down with most players unable to connect at all.

The last update from Innersloth came yesterday afternoon, with the developers explaining that servers remain unstable and that while the team continues to fight a DDoS attack, servers may be up and running. So you may be able to log in, but you will likely be booted soon after. Innersloth said it will update players when servers are back to normal and stable.

While some players are of course frustrated by the situation, Innersloth has continued to use Between us Twitter account to enjoy during a DDoS attack. Of course, just because someone tweets jokes doesn’t mean the rest of the team isn’t doing anything, but that’s the internet and some guys aren’t able to fathom the idea that different people in studios have different jobs.

Fortunately, most of the people who respond to Innersloth’s DDoS updates play along with the developers during what must be an incredibly upsetting and angry time.

DDoS attacks continue to be a problem even for large-scale video game companies and networks. Famously in December 2014PSN and Xbox Live have both been wiped out by a massive DDoS attack. Unfortunately, These types of attacks are hard to predict and stop. And with more and more video games being adopted online, DDoS attacks and online hacking will become a bigger and more annoying problem for gamers and developers.

Update: 3/27/2022: 1:51 PM ET: Innersloth . said Kotaku Via email that is still fixing their server issues, but doesn’t have a specific update to share after that.

When asked why someone or a group of people sabotaged the game, Enersloth jokingly replied that the perpetrators were “salty because they got kicked out.”