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Shugz (Christopher Kirkpatrick) is a name that has appeared to come out of nowhere on the Trance scene. Combining youth, energy, electrifyingly impressive deck skills and a notable production ability, it doesn’t take long to realise why there is such a fuss around this exceptional talent. Picked up by Irish Trance star Bryan Kearney and later hosting the “KEARNAGE” podcast, it was then that Shugz got his opportunity to truly shine. Unleashing a blistering remix of Kearney’s 2010 Tech-Trance anthem “Mexican Rave” exclusively for Bryan’s set at FSOE 400 Mexico, achieving the number 1 spot and sat atop of Beatport’s Trance top 100 chart for ten consecutive days. We had a chat with Shugz about his upcoming gigs and music

Hello Christopher, we’re glad to have you on Trance Hub. How’s the summer of 2017 treating you?

Thanks guys, glad to be involved! Things are good at the moment, keeping my head down in the studio getting ready for the madness of summer on the gig front.

What is tougher – an opening DJ slot or a closing DJ slot? How would you describe your sound?

I absolutely love both but an opening DJ slot is definitely more difficult. The importance of a good warmup DJ is essential. It’s your job to introduce people to the night properly, build it up from nothing for the DJ who is following you. It’s a great skill to have & there isn’t enough of them around at the moment sadly. In regards to describing my sound I’d say driving & energetic with focus on the unexpected.

UK & Ireland is very competitive when it comes to Trance DJs, how do you make yourself unique and relevant for that market and globally?

Think outside the box. That applies to being in the studio & performing live, people always show more interest in something if it’s slightly different to the norm, my advice be the first yourself & never the second someone else.

Which is your favorite club in the whole of North Ireland & Republic of Ireland and why?

Easy question. Lush, Portrush. The club I grew up in & the club that educated me as a clubber. The best.

A lot of young DJs get signed to DJ Agencies, expect a lot of out of their managers. When do you think an artist is ready to get a manager and what should he expect out of a manager?

Makes the best sense to only commit to an agency/manager when you are needing to take yourself to the next level as an artist. A lot of young guys rush into signing for agencies simply because of what it is, achieving that goal, but it’s not always beneficial. In the end you & your manager become a team in your development so it’s only really going to work if you both work together & both have things to offer each other.

We understand social media is very important, especially for young DJs. However, not everybody has the gab of words. How should new age DJs approach social media management?

With the younger generation these days they are constantly using social media on a daily basis so they get used to it by default, it’s not very often you see a young DJ/Producer without a Facebook or Twitter page. The best advice I can give is just to be yourself & stay true to the music. Social media is an important part of artist development these days but just be yourself & you’ll nail that part.

You’re all set to play at the world’s best Trance Festival – Luminosity Beach Festival, what can your fans expect from you there?

Ah I cannot wait! You’re right in saying it’s the world’s best, nowhere like it. Anyone in attendance can expect lots of new music & a set from yours truly that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry that’s for sure.

We have heard a lot about the scene in Indonesia, how was your experience in Jakarta?

Amazing. That was an unreal trip & experience. Crowd well up for it & the hospitality was top notch. Couldn’t ask for more.

Could you share more details about your upcoming records?

I have a stripped back Tech Trance track that I’ve just finished & stamped. The follow up to my own track End Product is coming along great too & also a BIG remix as well. Keeping busy

Thanks Trance Hub readers, hopefully catch a few of you at a gig in the near future. Keep her lit!

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Co-Founder of Trance Hub, Curator of The Gathering events in India and ALT+TRANCE in Czech Republic. By day, a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with love for Food and Technology. By night, a dreamer who wants to grow the Trance scene in India.

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