December 6, 2022

IKEA’s new $ 40 wireless charging pad can be mounted under your desk or desk

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I’d better charge it by placing my phone or tablet on a regular desk,” IKEA has the gadget with you. It just emerged Navigation mark, $ 40 Wireless Charging Bat, which is designed to work with almost any desk or desk On the edge Reported.


The feedback is very clever. Sjömärke is a wireless qi charging pad, but you do not put it on your desk. On the contrary, it establishes Below Your desk is secured with double sided tape (included) or 18mm x 6mm screws (not included). Your desktop should be made of wood or plastic that does not block the magnetic field, with a minimum thickness of 8 mm (5/16 of an inch) and a maximum of 22.2 mm (7/8) of an inch. Manual.

Once you have installed the pad, insert it with the six power cable and mark the charging point on your desk with the “X” shaped sticker, you are ready to charge your phone or other device. With Qi 1.2.4 charging, it should deliver 5 watts for decent but super fast charging. IKEA states that it comes with temperature and power monitoring, so it will not overheat – important because it will be placed against wood surfaces.

For $ 40, this would be an attractive option for anyone who does not want to confuse their decor with an unadorned plastic paddle. Sjömärke will come inside IKEA’s Stores and Web In October 2021.

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