February 4, 2023

If Baker Mayfield is traded, which NFL team is their favorite landing spot?

If Baker Mayfield is traded, which NFL team is their favorite landing spot?

if it was Cleveland Browns Trade Baker Mayfield, where will he land? With rumors about possible Mayfield and Browns ways, PFN Insider Tony Pauline heard from sources close to the situation that Mayfield has a favorite, and just so happens to be at the AFC South.

Where will Baker Mayfield be traded?

On the Episode 1 of PFN Draft Insiders (which can be found every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET in PFN YouTube Channel), PFN President Trey Wingo asked NFL analyst Pauline what he last heard about Brown.

Pauline reports that he has been told that Browns general manager Andrew Perry has promised to work with Mayfield’s team and send him to a location of his choosing – if that’s possible. If Mayfield had his pick, it would be Indianapolis to play for the Colts, another team on the cusp of the playoffs.

To watch this specific part of the show (35:40), click here – The full clip about brown begins around the 21:45 mark.

Brown is currently flirting with Deshaun Watson They concluded their meeting with Watson in Houston on Tuesday afternoon, according to sources who spoke to PFN Insider Aaron Wilson. Pauline reports that he was told that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was the driving force in the Browns’ attempt to bring Watson to Cleveland, because he believed the soon-to-be Houston Texans were the missing piece of the Super Bowl puzzle.

Selling point for Watson to come to Cleveland? Unlike the other teams currently courting Watson (Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta), the Browns are the closest not only to making the playoffs but also going deeper into the playoffs.

Watson will ultimately decide his fate as he holds a no-trade clause and will have the final say on where he ends up. Mayfield will also have the last word after this season, with sources telling Pauline that even if he plays for the Browns this year, they don’t see a long-term future for him at Cleveland.

Why trading Mayfield with the ponies might make sense

In fact, there are quite a few reasons why Mayfield’s connection to Indianapolis makes sense. Mayfield was first drafted overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. At the time, the Browns’ general manager was Chris Ballard’s former mentor John Dorsey. Dorsey and Ballard previously worked together in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Football Operations division.

Could Ballard and Dorsey have similar views on what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback? If so, it may help explain why Ballard has shown interest in a player Dorsey drafted first overall.

In addition to Ballard and Dorsey’s connection, finances could also play a role in Mayfield’s reasoning. The Colts are currently without QB1 after trading away Carson Wentz; However, they have a great deal of cover space. Mayfield capped $18.9 million in 2022, which is a low number considering the amount of junior QBs these days. The The ponies currently have an expected 62.5 million dollars In the available salary cap space.

Realistically, Mayfield might be one of the cheapest options available at the moment. Was his numbers last season disappointing? at all. He completed only 253 of 418 attempts for 3,010 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. However, it is important to note that he suffered a number of injuries.

Mayfield is still young and once displayed the kind of traits that made him the first overall pick. The Colts currently have one of the best offensive lines and appearances in the NFL, a solid WR lineup, and a young defense. Adding a piece like Mayfield could provide the results Ballard hoped Wentz could achieve.