November 26, 2022

Ida’s path of destruction in NJ: rising death toll, epic floods, severe hurricane damage, houses destroyed

Roads also turned into rivers. Leaning trees and power lines blocked roads and damaged homes. Another hurricane swept through the southern city of Jersey, destroying at least 20 homes.

Among the most severe storms to hit New Jersey in recent years, the Ida tropical storm provided knockout punch, which wreaked havoc in the state, killing lives, flooding cities and causing unspeakable millions of dollars in damage.

As of Thursday afternoon, at least nine people had died in the storm in New Jersey, including four who had died in an apartment building in Elizabeth.

Ida left parts of New Jersey unharmed and wreaked havoc from Passover County in the north to Gloucester County in the south. Having predicted that the storm would have a major impact – Governor Bill Murphy A state of emergency has been declared In all 21 districts of New Jersey – the devastation at first sight on Thursday morning was greater than many feared.

“There are a lot of injuries in New Jersey,” Murphy said Thursday morning He promised to use all available resources to help residents cope with the widespread damage. “We pull all the levers. It will be a long road,” he asked people to stay away from the roads.

Ida’s confirmed death toll as of noon Thursday has surpassed the state’s losses by Hurricane Floyd and the number could rise further if rescue crews continue their search.

In 2011, Nine in New Jersey Irene died in the hurricane, most of them drowning Floodwaters When stuck in their cars. 6 people drowned in New Jersey During Hurricane Floyd in 1999, there were two deaths each in the districts of Somerset and Bergen, and one each in the districts of Pasaik and Salem. At least 40 people from New Jersey died during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The worst flooding could still come from Ida. As of midnight on Thursday, some rivers had not yet reached the peak of flooding.

The National Weather Service predicts that the Basaic River in Pine Brook and Little Falls, the Raritan River in Pound Brook and Asunping Creek in Trenton will rise until 6pm on Friday. The Delaware River in Easton / Phillipsburg is expected to gust up to 6 p.m. Thursday, according to the Meteorological Agency.

The storm temporarily improved traffic across the state Newark International Airport closes As of Wednesday night, nearly 400 flights had been canceled. The floods covered part of a terminal and some roads were closed. Tetorboro Airport was also closed. NJ Transport Rail Service Still on hold.

Than 60,000 people There was no electricity until Thursday afternoon. For BSE & G customers, there were more than 14,000 blackouts in Essex County. JCP & L’s failures include more than 8,000 in Morris, nearly 8,000 in Hunterdon and more than 7,500 in Sussex districts.

As the waters of the Raritan River poured into 18 lanes in New Brunswick and were still rising on Thursday, Rutgers’ Postponed the start of its football season Against the temple Up to Saturday.

As of noon Thursday, authorities had confirmed at least nine deaths in the storm.

Elizabeth, Four residents The Oakwood Plaza residential complex on Irvington Avenue died during the storm, and rescue workers are trying to determine if there were any further casualties. The dead included a married couple in their 70s, their 38-year-old son and a 33-year-old female neighbor, but their names have not been released, officials said.

On Thursday morning, police picked up each of the listed residents and went from house to house to check on other residents, city spokeswoman Kelly Martins said.

“Our police and firefighters go house to house and do a health check at this point and see if they are unfortunately no longer there,” he said. Martins.

Authorities said about 600 Elizabeth residents were homeless due to the storm.

In Middlesex County, South Plainfield police say a man has died after being swept away by a 36-inch storm sewer.

Authorities say two men were swept away Wednesday night in a ditch under Stelton Road from South Plainfield to Biscayne, but only one of them was rescued.

Later on Thursday, police said they found the body of Dhanush Reddy, 31, of Edison, in a wooded area in Biscayne.

Two people were found dead in the submerged vehicles Hillsborough Township, Said Frank Roman Jr., vice president of the Somerset County Attorney’s Office. The deaths occurred between midnight on Wednesday and early Thursday morning.

Roman said both men were drowned during the initial investigation.

In Milford, Huntington County, a driver was found dead Pickup truck In a creek on Carpenter Street, Mayor Henry Schopenhauer said. The driver’s name has not yet been released and New Jersey State Police are investigating the death.

“We don’t know where the vehicle came from,” Schopenhauer said. “It may have gone through many bridges. It went a long way. The whole roof was broken. The water was surprisingly powerful.

In Pasai, a A 70-year-old man drowned in a car after he was completely submerged in floodwaters in Pasaik. Wednesday night, Pasaik Mayor Hector Lora said. The man’s 66-year-old wife and 25-year-old son were rescued by firefighters, but Lora said the other two may have been swept away in the flood. The name of the 70-year-old was not released.

Lora said the others feared at least two people might have been killed and drowned in the Pasaik River and that divers would continue to search.

“This is another reminder that these come often,” Murphy said, adding that climate change is exposing New Jersey because of its dense population. “We need to update our playbook. We need to turn it over, but in the meantime we’ll be there when everyone picks up the pieces and retrieves them.

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NJ Advance Media reporters Rodrigo Torrejan, Steven Rodas, Rob Jennings, Larry Hicks, Nova Cohen and Joe Admonage contributed to the report.

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