August 14, 2022

I haven't shared my voice in a very long time

I haven’t shared my voice in a very long time

A few days after her last legal victory in court, Britney Spears She shares her passion and love for music with her fans, singing a powerful new version of her song”darling again. “

Spears, who was released from custody after 13 years last November, took to Instagram to post a brand-new rendition of “Baby One More Time,” the song that propelled her to teenage stardom when she released it in 1998.

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“I haven’t shared my voice in a very long time…maybe for a very long time,” Spears wrote Friday in an accompanying comment in her video highlighting the song that made her famous — but this time, an a cappella version.

Spears sings powerfully in the video, showcasing her raw vocal ability which garnered so much praise in the comments section. Spears’ new version includes one noticeable difference from the original lyrics: “Give me a fucking cue,” she hit hard in the new video she said she recorded earlier this week.

In her comment, the singer alluded to her desire to record a new run of the song for the past 14 years, which is roughly the amount of time she has spent under guardianship. “The team said no,” Spears wrote.

“They screwed it up for me, embarrassed me and made me feel like I was absolutely nothing,” Spears said, writing about her family, who has been regularly criticizing her on their social media, since her term ended.

“I am sharing this because I am aware of my love and passion for singing,” her post continued. “And my family deceived me… I will not be a victim.”

Spears was released from guardianship last year, but her legal battle continues against her father, Jamie Spears, who oversaw the guardianship most of the time, accused of abuse of guardianship, and hired a security company to manage electronic surveillance. over his famous daughter and his financial mismanagement of the star’s multi-million dollar property. Earlier this week, Spears had Big victory in court When a judge ordered her father to sit for an upcoming testimony, her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, had been struggling to get her for months.

“Baby One More Time” was released in 1998 as the first single from Spears’ debut studio album of the same title, which was released by Jive Records in 1999. The song was a worldwide hit, and at the age of 16 at the time, Spears was in Global pop icon. “Baby One More Time” has topped charts in over 20 countries and is one of the best selling songs of all time.

Watch Britney’s video of her a cappella version of “Baby One More Time” here:

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