December 5, 2022

Human remains found in the Florida Reserve area have been confirmed as Brian Laundry, the FBI said

Part remains Brian was found by officers looking for laundry, The future husband of KP Petito, was confirmed to be the same after a review of dental records.

Discovered Wednesday in the Carlton Reserve area of ​​Florida, where he searched for laundry for more than a month, he was declared a person interested in Pedito’s disappearance before his body was found in Wyoming. The Announced by the FBI Field Office in Denver Those remains were positively identified Thursday.

A spokesman for the Northern Port Police said the remains were a “skeleton” Thursday before NBC News.

According to the FBI, the remains were found in a laundry bag and personal items such as a notebook.

“These items were found in an area that was under water until recently,” said Michael McPherson, the FBI’s special agent for the Tampa office.

According to Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the Laundry family, Locker’s parents helped lead the FBI and North Harbor Police to Miyakhatzi Creek Eco Park.

“When Chris and Roberta Laundry were in existence earlier today, human remains and some of Brian’s possessions were located in an area that initially advised law enforcement that Brian might be,” he said in another statement Wednesday evening.

Bertolino said in a phone interview Wednesday with CNN Night “The probability that it is Bryan’s remains is strong, but we are going to wait for forensic results. [to] Come inside and check. “

KP Petito and Brian Laundry.via abgabspetito / Instagram

The Carlton Reserve and the neighboring Mayakahatchi Creek Eco Park are short trips north of the laundry family home.

Petito and Laundry were traveling across the country, describing their trip on social media before Laundry returned to his parents’ northern port home without Sept. 1, officials said.

Pettito, 22, of Moab, Utah, while searching for police Body camera video released capturing Pettito in distress There is said to have been a physical dispute with the laundry.

Of Petito The body was found September 19 in a camp scattered across Spread Creek Area of ​​the Bridger-Dayton National Forest in Wyoming. Petito was dead for at least three weeks Her death was a murder “manually strangled, ”Said the coroner.

There was laundry Missing since mid-September When his parents told him he had gone hiking in the Carlton Reserve area and had not returned. The 25,000-acre wildlife sanctuary was closed for extensive searches in the area and reopened only Tuesday.

An arrest Laundry was issued a warrant after officers He said he used Petito’s debit card without permission. He is a person interested in the case and has not been charged with the death of Petito.