April 13, 2021

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How do you explain that Chile is on the verge of declining health if the corona virus undergoes a successful vaccination process? COVID-19 Sebasti Pn Piñera NNDC | The world

The record of new daily cases, occupying 95% of the important beds, increased the circulation of the Brazilian and British varieties and imprisoned the capital as a whole. The second wave The agreement was not given Despite the successful vaccination process, the country hospital is on the brink of collapse.

Health officials announced Thursday that freedom of movement in 14 neighborhoods of Santiago will enter into total isolation this Saturday, leaving 7 million residents in the capital locked up indefinitely, with the exception of the first neck.

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In Santiago, the northern and southern parts of the country are included, leaving 16 of the 19 million Chileans (80% of the population) in isolation.

“One last attempt”

“We are experiencing a worrying situation and we need a last ditch effort,” he said. Health Minister Enrique Paris received the recognition at a press conference.

According to a study by the University of Chile, the Catholic University and the country’s most prestigious university, Concepcion University, the number of new cases has increased by 69.8% in the last four weeks, and the occupancy of intensive care beds has reached 94.8%, with 67.2% occupying COVID-19 patients.

In the last 24 hours, 7,023 new cases have been registered, the second highest overall outbreak since 7,084 last Saturday, and 122 deaths, bringing the total to 954,762 victims and 22,524 deaths per year.

Positive rate – the number of infections COVID-19 Detected for every 100 PCR tests performed – currently 9.6%, far below the 5% recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for maintenance for two consecutive weeks to consider controlling infection.

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In addition to isolations, the Chilean government has announced new measures to try to stop the influx of new species into the country: at least a hundred cases in British and Brazilian cases in recent days, and more infections have been detected.

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“This is not the time for tourism”, Government spokesman Jaime Bellolio announced after the rejection of new border closures such as 2020, if anyone enters Chile From March 31, they must first go to a transport hotel for 5 days and then serve another 5 days for home isolation.

How did Chile get here?

The second wave began with the arrival of the Australian summer in December and worsened at the end of February, the highlight of the holidays, though true. Chile The first outbreak was never controlled, it experienced its most critical moment between last June and July, when the hospital network was within its range and the positive rate was 40%.

Experts point out that what is happening now is similar to what happened in Europe in September after the summer, when the tourism industry caught a glimpse of red in the months after health measures were relaxed for citizens to enjoy their holidays.

“The global epidemic is growing again. At the national level we are in a crisis. Authorities need to deliver a message that is consistent and realistic. ” Asked Maria Boss Bertoglia, an epidemiologist at the University of Chile.

To Felipe Elorita, a mathematician at the University of Santiago, Chile Despite having the highest trial rate in the region, it has failed to detect cases, with nearly 11 million PCRs carried out since the beginning of the crisis.

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“It is now four weeks down from 2.9 contacts in the country to 2.56 and in the metropolitan area from 2.2 to 1.9. What is expected is that at least 5 contacts per case can be found. Today we are far from that.”He explained.

The deterioration of the second wave occurs at the same time Chile Undergoes a successful vaccination process that has enabled more than 6 million people to be vaccinated with at least one dose (approximately 40% of the target population), making it one of the leading immunizations in the region.

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According to the latest data from the University of Oxford, it is the third most vaccinated country in the world, behind Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and the fastest vaccinating country, with a daily population of 1.4 per 100 people.

However, it may have played against the exciting rate of the vaccine Chile And led people to a More confidence, Which is included with fatigue controls after one year.

“The light of vaccine hope, however, is that we will get the herd effect in June. Before that, we have to constantly take care of ourselves as we have a high virus cycle,” he said. Minister Paris warned.

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