April 13, 2021

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Holy Week | How to learn fresh fish: 5 tips | nnda nnni | Answers

Today we will tell you how to learn and identify new fish: 5 tips. During Easter 2021, it is common to eat more fish because of the traditional ban on meat during the Christian holidays. Fresh is more delicious than frozen, but you need to know how to identify it.

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Fish One of the most complete dishes, Because its meat provides many nutritional contributions. We have to be careful when buying fish. If we are not lucky enough to get a reliable place, we can always take care of the situation by analyzing the product.

Keep in mind that fresh fish have visible properties. So, if you want to make a chevron or other seafood, you need to take these symptoms into account:

  1. There is a fresh fish Swollen eyes And glossy black pupil. Totus experts explain it cChicken fish is not fresh and the eyes will sink and turn gray.
  2. The skin of a fresh fish Has a clear color. When not fresh, the skin is soft and the meat comes out easily.
  3. The The gills should be red Or warm pink and clean and bright look. When the fish are not fresh, their gills turn yellow or gray.
  4. The scales should be well attached to the body. Also, it is important to look at the viscera. Swollen intestines are a sign that the fish is in bad condition.
  5. And very obvious. A fresh fish It should smell like the sea.
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