December 8, 2022

Hochல்ll elected Antonio Delgado as the new lieutenant governor

Governor Kathy Hochull on Tuesday announced the election of Democrat Representative Antonio Delgado of Hudson Valley as her new lieutenant governor, the second highest office in New York State.

Mr. Delcado is expected to serve as Ms. Hochul’s deputy because she will be campaigning for the full post this year. He will take over as former lieutenant governor. Brian BenjaminHe was accused of bribery by the federal government last month and abruptly resigned.

On Tuesday morning Mr. Benjamin was replaced by a panel of New York Democrats, Mr. Delcado approved the election of Ms. Hochulin as deputy, confirming that she would be on the ballot in the party’s primary election in June. . Democrat leader Jay Jacobs was expected to approve the election to Albany late Tuesday and send the necessary documents.

The 45-year-old has represented New York’s 19th congressional district since 2019. Delcado has proven that he can win in hotly contested elections. Having family roots in the West African island nation of Cape Verde, he identifies as African American and Latin.

Like Ms. Hochsul, she is from outside New York City, where Democratic primary voters live in large numbers, and she has campaigned as a political moderate.

“By contesting and winning the primary and general elections for Congress, Representative Antonio Delgado is a war-tested campaigner with experience in serving New Yorkers, working to bring our party’s message to the electorate, uniting communities, and raising Democratic candidates across the state.” Ms. Hochul said in a statement.

The announcement came a day after state lawmakers enacted legislation on Monday on Ms Hochlin’s order. From the primary ballot of the State Democrats, Mr. Let’s delete Benjamin’s name He replaced another candidate ahead of the primary election for governor scheduled for June 28.

Mr. who will be the Lieutenant Governor. To fulfill Benjamin’s remaining term, Mr. Delcado should relinquish his post in Congress. The Lieutenant Governor serves as Governor in the event of the Governor’s death, resignation, dismissal, absence or suspension.

Mr. Delcado will face a tough re-election fight this fall. When Democrats approved a new congressional map earlier this year, they tried to add friendly voters to his district, but the state Supreme Court ruled in his favor. Hit the newly drawn district lines Last week. The lines drawn by the court make the seat more competitive.