April 13, 2021

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Avanza Bass’ presidential candidate, the world’s second richest man, The , Your biggest financier , .

View: Raphael Lopez Aliaga reveals that before the discussion he infiltrated with corticosteroids and that he read “on purpose” (video).

For example, Mr. Bernard Arnold is his biggest financier and he is the second richest man in the world.. He asked, because I did not know what the problem was with his investments, and asked him if Mr. If I can present to Bernard Arnold, President Macron, because I have relations with the French government and the private sector, he does not. The problem is, they didn’t want to talk to him, they just handed him his son, “he said.”, As revealed in ‘Betto A Saber’.

Similarly, de Soto said Lopez Aliaga had asked him on different occasions Recommendation He was compared internationally to a microfinance entrepreneur by French financiers.

World’s second richest man Rafael Lopez Aliaga – Hernando de Soto reveals he is financing Betto A Saber

“I have letters from Raphael Lopez Aliaca because he did not recommend it with his French financiers. Internationally, not because of a shortage of money, he is a micro-entrepreneur, No one will listen to him, while we “, He pointed out.

View: Manica Delta speaks on Twitter about Rafael Lopez Aliaga’s comments

As it is recalled, the popular renewal candidate, if he wins the election, I am leaving for the United States on July 28th To get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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“He takes a plane and he realizes it when he gets to the airport Going in lineHernando de Soto said in the aforementioned program hosted by Betto Artis.

“This man is boarding a plane because he can’t do it He doesn’t have those connections, I know. There are many promises that are unsatisfactory. It bothers me so much. My fear is that he lost the vote. “Added.

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